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My Name is Geeta.
I am from Bangalore. i love chatting, partying, window shopping, Dressing up in front of the mirror.

My email for contact me:
megeeta.m (@)

I love exposing and making people wild. I love to make friends and looking for a single boy friend who can be my best friend. if some one need girl friend sincere and charming girl, i am here for you :). i am very liberal but not traditional Desi girl.


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Today we are going to introduce you with a beautiful Bangladeshi school girl.

She send us her photos with her mobile number.

You can contact her she is really pretty and nice girl and doing commerce degree from a famous institution of Bangladesh.

Ami Nimme, 1st year, commerce, mirpur-14 a thaki.
Ami beautiful, sexy, handsome friend kujci…pls call me-01820889362


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Punjabi Girl Living In Paris


Punjabi girls are doing extremely well in college education. According to the majority reports including from the Punjab Board, girls consistently outrank their male complement in the annual exams. From the matriculation, through to F.A./F.Sc and all the way to Masters level, Punjabi girls are regularly out performing male students in almost all land of knowledge.

According to Naheed 20 years old beautiful girls from Punjab settled in Paris this may be due to the fact that girls are often more motivated to be independent in a patriarchal, male dominated society like Punjab. This gives them added impetus to perform well in school and college in order to make better careers for themselves.


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Naisha doing her master degree from Delhi


This photo sent us by Naisha from India which she has captured it perfectly.She is pretty cute and innocent by the way she is looking.Economists.Areas such as corporate finance, international economics, and risk assessment are some of the more specialized fields of study where the Masters programs are concerned.Her Jeans Kurta plus Dopatta, a traditional north Indian women costume, which is also known as chudihar in some states of India, adds more beauty to the photograph.

The color of her chudidhar / Jeans which is in blue color makes the picture more attractive and pleasant.The large variety of Economics Degrees online will oftentimes range from the broad-focused Associates and Bachelors Degree to the more specialized Masters Degree programs.In the above picture is a beautiful Muslim girl from old Delhi.Naisha is bachelor and after completing her Master of Science in Economic (Economics is a social science that studies the consumption, distribution, and production of goods and services.The individuals, who assist in the financial planning of organizations, interpret economic trends, make long-term and short-term economic forecasts, provide risk assessments, and.

A bachelor’s degree in economics is the best foundation for graduate studies in business, finance, law, or management) doing school teaching job here in Delhi.Many of these economists work in education and research, as well as for government agencies or in the private consulting arena.


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Pakistani Muslim woman, Noreen is in United States


Pakistan Muslim woman, Noreen is in United States. She and her brother and older sister has Focused on Specialization in Medicine. Her father is a well settled businessman and full support of her children to the Objectives to capture. Emirates is confused and wants to share with Readers on her blog the goal. She says: I would like to take the opportunity to explain how Screwed our primary medical care system (and by Affiliation to take anyone that Needs or will need a doctor) would be if we do not change a bit Things the life 10 years .

I do not mean the problems with health insurance. I mean the impending collapse of primary care that is family medicine, Internal Medicine, Pediatrics and Psychiatry. Those fields that would Normally form the core of medical care in the country are Threatened by the Reimbursement Rates so low, that a 2008 survey of medical students Showed that only 2% are planning to go to primary care.


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Aysha MBA Student from Karachi


Yet another photo of beautiful Karachi girl Aysha that she send for getting more attention to herself from in or outside the Pakistan.

Glamorous Aysha share this picture after hopeful response from readers. She is as she mentioned earlier in her introduction post that she is student of business administration in University (Business administration includes a great deal of problem solving and number crunching as well, so, proficiency for math is always an asset. Many colleges offer Master, Bachelor and Associate Degree in Business with a general knowledge base and the ability to specialize in a particular area of your choice. Such programs encourage students to think about a wide range of issues – from politics to ethics, sensitivity, innovativeness, creativity and other dynamics. A degree in business administration will therefore help you develop and master these skills and abilities. You can then decide which areas of specialization would most interest you and apply the strategies and theory you have learned to your field of choice. Business administration equips you to enter a wide variety of careers with a degree that is recognized and valued by companies the world over) and she aim to be the model. First of all we welcome Aysha to again. We hope our readers also welcome you and share their IDs for friendship.


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Pakistani School Teacher Tahreem Mirza


As we also know that teaching is considered to be the most respectable profession for the women of Pakistan. Nowadays teaching is becoming more challenging job especially in schools and colleges. Despite the fact that in this era of internet, where every student can easily get information through net, the importance of teachers cannot be denied. The only need is to trained teachers with more advance skills and they should learn how to teach students by using modern techniques. She is visit once in a week, she told us, its her hobby to serf sites like

Various research studies have indicated the psycho-social problems of the students, teachers, planners and managers working in the public and private sector of education in Pakistan. Teacher is considered the most central source in putting all the educational reforms into practice at all levels. In Pakistan teachers’ access to their democratic rights seems to be denied or not practiced properly according to the Policy Document of Pakistan which guarantees the realization of their democratic rights. Tahreem Mirza is a teacher in girl’s primary school in Rawalpindi Pakistan. She told us that she is attending seminars and doing advance courses to enlighten her knowledge in the field of teaching. Tahreem says teaching is a very decent profession and a holy job. It uplifts and brings up the individuals as a responsible nation.


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Punjabi Girls and Extravagant Punjabi Marriage


Beautiful Punjabi girls enjoying dancing in Churidar Pajama dress. This picture is taken in by someone in wedding. Punjabis believe in doing everything larger than life and a special occasion like marriage is celebrated like a big carnival, exhibiting splendid glamor. Like, all other communities in India, Punjabis have their own series of rituals and ceremonies to perform.

Punjabi matrimony involves the usual girl made to meet the boy or vice versa. Like all other Indian matrimonial services, they prefer getting their children married in the same religion or caste.

Punjabi Girls and Extravagant Punjabi Marriage

The girl and the boy are made to meet each other in the usual arrange marriage kind of manner. After their mutual consent, the first ceremony is ‘Roka’ or ‘Thaka’, where the girl’s father accompanied with some relatives and friends visit the young man’s house along with some sweets and presents. Then a formal engagement ceremony ‘mangani’ is organized when the boy’s family returns the visit and in the presence of friends and relatives the intended marriage is announced.

After getting engaged, both the girl and the boy enjoy their courtship, the period when they get to know more about each other. And then, the preparations for the grand Punjabi wedding begin. Wedding begins with ‘Akhand Path’, which ends with a ceremony called ‘Sagan’. Then in the evening, the most awaited ‘Mehndi ki raat’ is celebrated. Popularly know as ‘Ladies Sangeet’, it is one of the most exciting rituals in Punjabi marriages.

Then the grand wedding day arrives, which begins with Chuda & Ghara Ghardoli: During the Chuda ceremony, the oldest maternal uncle and aunt have the most active role to perform. As Punjabis love eating, both Sikh and Hindu weddings are marked by more feasting. The concluding item is doli, literally “palanquin”, when the bride is given an emotional farewell by her family and friends.