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Mobile Phone Numbers of Lahore Girls

Nobody is stopping you to dial a number on your mobile phone and chat to a Lahori girl from anywhere in the great Mughal empires city. If only you had their numbers, how you wish. You are spending some quality time on the internet searching for girls from Lahore who have their mobile phone numbers and pictures posted through MMS or other technologies. Please share lahori girls phone numbers and images. if you have liberty market girls from lahore mobile numbers.

Nida Shiekh is doing job in Bank Alflah Ferozpure Lahore. She wants to make friends all around the world. She is very lovely and innocent girl. We have her friend’s Mobile number and her own too,

Miss Shabana Mobile Number: 0345-0766179

0311-0860303 Ayesha – Karachi Girls
0304-6200006 Sidra – Karachi Girls

Maryam shafat : 0342-3896272

Lahori girl Ambreen Mobile # 03344200318

Her Friend Sana Ghauri Mobile  #  0347-2733135

Sana Ghauri is her friend who lives in Sabzazar Colony Bosan Road Multan.

You can contact her via SMS. First sms then call to her. Some times her father talk, but mostly she have this number.

Images are one thing and speaking live is another. So the next best thing is provided to you via these posts on the Blog.

Get your fix for the day and return whenever you wish. Please share mobile phone numbers in comments.


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Rabia Khan Punjab Girls College Student

Rabia Khan is a beautiful girl from Pakistan. Rabia is a collage student and she is looking really pretty in Punjab girls college uniform. Her boyfriend sent her photo; I don’t know why he has not given enough data about her.

Her Mobile Number: 0300-4412481

Contact via SMS only.


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Summer Classes at Islamabad College for Girls

Students keenly viewing the art work by students during summer classes at Islamabad College for Girls. Selecting the right camp that fits teenager’s interests, special interests, needs, special needs and abilities will be one of the first steps to take in choosing the right overnight summer camp. There are lesser- known overnight summer camps with a focus on self-improvement, confidence building and grief counseling. There are popular overnight summer camps in every province of Pakistan; there are many other camps in the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and just about every country in the world.

The camp experience will have a lasting memorable impression on you; so there are a number of issues that should be seriously considered when choosing a summer camp. Take care and enjoy……………


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Amna Butt Represent Handsome Lahori Teenagers

Amna Butt belongs to Lahore (The city of Lahore is the capital of the Punjab. It occupies a central position, and is generally called ‘The Heart of Pakistan’. Lahore is situated on the banks of the Ravi . Lahore is a city of gardens, and has the reputation of being the ‘Green City’. It occupies a choice site in the midst of fertile alluvial plains. Lahore is the city of poets, artists and the center of film industry.)

Amna Butt is serving in a government department after completing her education from Punjab University. She share few lines about her beloved city (The city of glamor and hops) that it has the largest number of educational institutions in the country. Many colleges and schools which found Lahore’s reputation as education center of Pakistan par excellence. Most notable are Government College- first in prestige in the country, and of which Allama Iqbal, founding father of Pakistan’s Independence, was distinguished alumnus; added in 1950; the Kinnaired College for Woman and Aitcheson College, still the most expensive educational establishment in the country.


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Karachi Girl Student of Software Engineering

Masoma had great interest in computers from her childhood. This interest led her to go into formal computer education. Now Masoma is doing software engineering. Masoma is interested in career in information technology sector or either software engineering.

The software engineering study program Masoma is taking includes theoretical and practical aspects of computer programming and computer languages. This engineering program has also helped her acquire proficiency in communication skills and other aspect of software engineering design and development.

Some of the things Masoma is learning in a programming school include the role software plays in real world applications and physical systems. The basics learned in the first year of the software engineer programs include programming, basic science, communications skills and engineering design.


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Sadia Afrin Dhaka Bangladesh

Bangladesh girls are beautiful everybody knows; now we are publishing first ever Bangladeshi Girl’s profile. Her name is Sadia Afrin.

Sadia Afrin submits this and says that she is muslim and wana muslim friends. She completes her bachelor Degree from Dhaka and now doing Job. She is single and wana get married with Indian or Pakistani man. Her father is a school teacher and she has three younger sisters.

She says a friend is someone who knows all about you but likes you anyway. Treat your friends as you do your best on best pictures, and place them in their best light’s true friend will see you through when other see that you’re thought. Friends communicate at a heart level. There are good ships and there are bad hips, but the best ship is friendship. Let’s talk about love, discover the secret to a life changing relationship.

Please share with me your bio to be a good friend through