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Desi Girl from Karachi having SEO Skills

Saira Khan Is one the beautiful pakistani girls who is Seo Specialist in Karachi and she send us her photo this week and she shares some good tips about search engine optimization.
she thinks that Internet marketing is in Yiddish to the success of the side. You can have a professional Looking Site, but can well be that Users are not able to find it when they need products and services? This is where a sale of caffeine on the Internet comes into play.

“The site is Magical show for construction when they need products and services.”

Internet marketing is similar to web draft, may not require much experience to do a good job but a good knowledge and a keen eye for details. It is vital for a good Internet Marketer to constantly update themselves weeks, if not monthly, Scharping Online. There are many white to market your site.

– Find a capacity and Reliability of Internet Market –

Justify the cost of hiring an Internet Markets – first of all, to get an Internet marketing is in Yiddish for each site. If your site is a company or Web site that you want to Generate revenue is Looking for a good Internet Marketer competent to work on your site. The total expense for your site for Internet marketing should be Substantiated and are often Justified by Housing March revenue and traffic to your site.

Potential Customers should know that it guarrantees in seo. Because everything is based primarily on Search Engines, seo job is at the mercy of the major Search Engines like Google. Seo company Money has Tried to protect Customers guarrantees who can not find, so Sue or start Burning Clients for it Services Recruitment.

– What sold on the Internet can Proposal –

In short, an online sales, which monitor your site is Built right Display and promote the best dollar spent on marketing caffeine on the Internet. It is a good site and can not appear in searches on the Internet. Your site is Magical show for construction when they need products and services. Internet marketing to develop Optimization Techniques Search Engines to Your Website Visibility and reach to Internet Users.

Internet Sales About Requires Research and Analysis for each location, Followed by Optimization of the map. Hundreds of hours can be spent in each location, Depending on the size of your target market. Basically you pay the amount of effort Involved, The Effectiveness of the internet Marketer and the daily monitoring of sales of your site.

How to choose an Online Sales, Internet Sales Requires continuous Updating of Skills and knowledge. A rough way to check if your Internet marketing is true or false, ask your Internet market in recent articles in your area. If you can not answer this, we have a good reason to come back to himself as a good Internet Marketer! Sometimes it’s easy to fall victim in the trade of selling company bad the Internet, as Happened in Other Places and the Chairman. It ..

This is also important for you to feel comfortable with enough amount of money you spend to get your site popular before Committing to a sale of caffeine on the Internet. Sales kampaigns internet Usually get some new and Requires monthly line Emerging from their site. They include the cost of a sale of caffeine on the Internet, which Makes Advertising budget of your company.
Please leave a comment if you have some question about internet marketing and she will reply you soon.


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Bangladeshi girls picture Album

Bangladeshi girls are more conservative than others. So to collect there hot and sexy pics is not so easy. Gixmi have specially added some pictures of Bangladeshi girls who looks sexy and attractive. So enjoy the pictures and if you think that all the pics are attractive and sexy than write to these girls via comments. it will be helpful to friendship with these Bengali girls.


Desi Movies

Dil Hai Ki Manta Nahin (1991)


Aamir Khan … Raghu Jetley
Pooja Bhatt … Pooja Dharamchand
Anupam Kher … Seth Dharamchand
Sameer Chitre … Deepak
Tiku Talsania … Sharmaji, the Editor
Rakesh Bedi … Private Detective
Veerendra Saxena … Private Detective
Avtar Gill … Kidnapper
Mushtaq Khan … Bus Conductor
Javed Khan … Purse Snatcher
Shammi … Parsi Lady who gives lift
Amrit Patel … Deepak Kumar’s Secretary
Shubha Khote … Inn Keeper’s Wife
Rajesh Puri … Dharamchand’s P.A.
Deepak Tijori … Fisherman

Mahesh Bhatt

Server 1 – Dailymotion

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Watch Part 10

Server 2 – Megavideo

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Watch Part 3
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Server 3 – Veoh

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Desi Movies

Hindi Movie – Khiladi (1992)


Akshay Kumar … Raj Malhotra
Ayesha Jhulka … Neelam Choudhury
Deepak Tijori … Boney
Sabeeha … Sheetal Nath
Tinnu Anand … College Professor
Sharat Saxena
Anant Mahadevan … Neelam’s chacha
Beena … Suresh Malhotra’s wife
Johnny Lever … Anna Pillai
Amrit Patel (as Armut Patel)
Sanjeev Chitre
Kunika … Julie
Prem Chopra … Kailash Nath
Shakti Kapoor … Suresh Malhotra
Ali Khan


Abbas Alibhai Burmawalla
Mastan Alibhai Burmawalla

Server 1 – Youtube

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Server 2 – Megavideo

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Desi Movies

Krantiveer – The Revolution (2010)

Farida Jalal
Mukesh Rishi
Kelly Dorji
Govind Namdeo
Aman Verma
Jahan Bloch
Samir Aftab
Aditya Rajput
Harssh Rajput … Uday
Harsh Rajput

Mehul Kumar

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Watch Part 3
Watch Part 4
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Desi Movies

Telugu Movie – Vasantha Kokila

Watch Telugu Movie Vasantha Kokila Online
Starring: Kamal Haasan, Sridevi

Watch Online

You need Veoh TV/Player to watch full Video
Download Veoh Player here


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Doha Girl Doing Job In Life Insurance Company

Abia Abdul Haseeb is our beautiful friend from Doha. This well educated and intelligent Doha girl is doing job in a life insurance company. Abia tells that she joined this job six months ago after completion of graduation. She more tells that before joining this job she didn’t know much about life insurance. But now she is aware the importance of life insurance in life of everyone. Abia says that life insurance is essential for everyone as it provides a sum of money in the event of death or total permanent disability where you are not able to work anymore. It is a policy between you as the policy owner and the insurance company. When you purchase a life insurance policy, you will have to fill in your beneficiary’s name. If death case happens to you, the sum insured will be given to your beneficiary. You are allowed to put a few beneficiaries for your policy as well as the percentage of sum insured for each of them. In the case of total permanent disability, the sum insured will be given to you. Bear in mind that, only death caused by illnesses or accidents will be covered in the policy. You will not be able to claim for the insurance if you commit suicide.

In the end Abia says that life insurance is a must for everyone as you might not be able to predict what will happen in the future. This is much more important if you have a family. Think of your beloved ones. If anything happens to you, at least you have some money for your family. Well Abia thank you so much for providing really useful information. Please keep in touch with us.


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Lebanese Singer Elissa Khoury Pictures

Born to a Lebanese father Zakaria Khoury and a Syrian mother Youmna Saud, Elissa Khoury (إليسار زكريا خوري) was raised in the The Bekaa valley in Lebanon. She earned a degree in Political Science from the Lebanese University. She is a Maronite Catholic. Elissa’s father, Zakaria Khoury, who studied and taught Arabic literature, died of cancer in 2004. She has 3 brothers and 2 sisters. Her brother Kamel Khoury is a DJ. Her sister Norma is married and lives in Canada, her two other brothers are Ghassan and Jehad.

Famous for her passionate style of music and unique vocal capabilities, Elissa is often referred to as the “Queen Of Romance” and “Queen Of Feelings”. Elissa was the first Lebanese musician to win the World Music Award in 2005, 2006 and 2010 for best selling albums in the Middle East (Wikipedia).


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Indian Dulhan – Girls Mehndi designs

Dulhan also known as bride, usually tend to have good mehndi designs when their wedding comes near. So all are for searching a good Dulhan Mehndi Designs.

Mehndi is a traditional event for a bride before her marriage. Usually it is a day or two before marriage.

The rising trend for opting for this is because, it is a new fashion, and every dulhan looks for a good mehndi design so that their hands can look beautiful in them and so their personality.

These designs are also more important because they add a grace in your personality and beauty.

Majority of these designs are targetted to womens living in Pakistan, India, U.A.E, and Bangladesh.

These are so beautiful and so attractive that it will be very hard for one to not to opt for them.

Further more, these designs are also valid for arabic mehndi designs, indian mehndi designs or for Pakistani Mehndi Designs.

All this is due to the similarities of culture between these countries.


Desi Girls

Desi Indian Girls Back View Photos

Hot desi babe back view photos are really hot and most wanted ones. These hot and desi indian babes are spotted in sarees and these babes have a craze for sarees and other adult dresses. But these day all the hot babes of indian that is desi are preferring modern dresses like jeans and tight dresses . Anyway in the first capsule the one babe in red dress is very hot from the back view and this babes front view pics are equally good.


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Teen girl from Gujrat University

Ambreen Zahra, is a teen girl from Gujrat and studying in Lahore. She sent her photo through our Send Us Form. This photo was taken when she got position in University of Engineering & Technology, Lahore (The main campus of the University of Engineering and Technology is located in the northern part of Lahore on the historical ‘Grand Trunk’ road, near the magnificent Shalimar Gardens built during the great Mughal empire). At the present time, the University is developing three more campuses; the Faisalabad Campus, the Kala-Shah-Kaku Campus, and the Rachna College. Ambreen says that Pakistani teen girls are very hardworking and she is very careful her study. She want be an engineer and she is working hard to get her goal. She more writes the need for engineering is widespread. This means that practically all parts of the world have engineering career opportunities that are available for the taking. This is so because engineering is the discipline, profession, and art of incorporating mathematical, scientific, and technical knowledge in designing structures, materials, processes, devices, machines, and systems for the benefit of man and the environment. As such, engineering encompasses almost every practical need that this world has. Thus, it is not very surprising why many people pursue a career in various fields and disciplines of engineering. Ambreen says profession as dynamic as Engineering is witnessing potential growth in the employment opportunities when compared to the average ratio for all occupations. College graduates with a degree in various specialties of engineering fetch better pay packages. This Pakistani teen girl says that she studies 12 hours in a day and she slept 7 hours in a day. She eats her food regularly because health is a great wealth especially for student girls. She spent her little time on her computer for chatting and research.


Desi Girls

Apply UK Student Visa, Savera Nadeem

desi girl in UK

Update about this Photo: (12/01/2011)
We get confirmation about this girl. She is not Savera Nadeem, She is actress girl from South India,Her name is Pooja.
Pooja (born 25 June 1981 as Pooja Gautami Umashankar in Sri Lanka) is an actress in Kollywood and the Sinhala film industry.POOJA’s debut film in Sinhala, Anjalika, was such a big hit that it led tothe Sri Lankan Government imposing a tax on foreign actors. And her second film, Asai Mang Piyabanna, has broken all box office records in the island nation. But Kollywood need not fear. Pooja is in no mood to quit the Tamil film industry.

Savera Nadeem is a British nationality holder Pakistani girl. Savera Nadeem is here to help her Pakistani girls / boys to go UK for study. Savera Nadeem born in notable family of Lahore and is active for women rights in Pakistan.

She says Pakistani students, holding a Pakistani passport, have to apply for a visa / entry certificate provided you have an unconditional offer of a place at a university, college or school and adequate funds to support yourself.

Therefore, although the all the rules & regulations are obvious, and strict, so you must ensure that all your paperwork is in proper order.

The British High Commission Islamabad is accepting all student applications. These applications must be submitted through the nearest Gerry’s / FedEx office or through the British Council’s student select scheme, and must be accompanied by full supporting documentary evidence. Students required the following original and photo copies for their visa application pack to send to the British Council with the following documents:


* Unconditional offer letter from a UK institution
* Photocopy of offer letter
* Sponsor’s bank statements for the last six months
* Visa form (VAF 1).
* Photocopy of visa form Student Select Form. It must be printed back to back.
* Photocopy of Student Select Form. Please do not staple the pictures


* Passport (with more then six months validity) (photocopy of first two pages)
* National Identity Card
* Evidence of English Language competency (IELTS(minimum score 6.0) /TOEFL scores are valid for two years only/O-Level English Grade ‘C’ minimum/A-Level English Grade ‘C’ minimum)
* Academic documents and transcripts
* Scholarship letter – if applicable
* Sponsor’s letter in the form of affidavit properly signed by the solicitor – if applicable
* Sponsor’s tax documents, including assessment forms for the last three years – if possible
* Evidence of personal/sponsor’s business / land / employment / income
* Family registration form ‘B’ – if applicable