Indian Girls

Indian girl from Jodhpur enjoying a party

Jodhpur is a one of the city of India where education level of the girls is increasing. It’s second largest city of India. Education is first priority of parents in India nowadays. Desi girls from India are really happy after getting education, because they think after getting higher education, they can be a part of International people to learn more about their culture and activities. Jodhpur university and school girls are real desi girls. Loyalty plus beauty is a big combination which every boy is deserved from a girl. And a hot Indian girl Arti Sankulan is one of them who know how to attract you guys and be a part of your friends circle. Arti is very young and hot girl doing MBA from Jodhpur university. She is enjoying party at night in her University function. She don’t want to become a miss world but want to be a good friend, true friendship is her priority before talk to her. Arti thinks that our big achievement is become real big when we overcome our social problems. Because she thinks we win every thing but when we lose own society we lose every thing, in fact she is right. She is using facebook to become friend of all of you. You can find her on facebook by searching her name and learn more about her and her nice thoughts about Indian culture and Indian traditional girls.

Indian girls from Jodhpur


Bengali Girls

Bangladeshi girls are in trouble due to sexual harassment over mobile phone

Since the cellphone came to Bangladesh it have changed the life routine even having big impact on personal life.

We are posting Bangladeshi girls photos for entertainment and our site is largely powered by user submitted content.

But the big issue is raising due to miss use of our website. I want this to share with you guys.

Some guys are posting unauthorized mobile numbers of desi bengali girls under Bangladeshi girls posts.

Are these guys trying to harass the innocent girls for sex or they want to kill them by their families? if not then why they are posting girls cellphone numbers without their permissions in our comments section.

Dr Mahmudur Rahman, head of the department of psychology at Dhaka University, says, “Filthy words and ugly comments over cellphones create mental pressure on a person for which she can later even decide to commit suicide. The cellphone operators need to pay attention to this serious issue and must take necessary measures sooner than later.”

He says not only the operators, things like family education and values can also play an important role in resolving the issue of harassment over phone. If the family teaches a boy how to respect a girl the extent of the problem will certainly lessen.

We received a recent email from a Bangladeshi young man Mamunur Rahman. He wrote us in detail about this issue. I would like to share that email with your guys to understand this problem.

You can save many lives after understanding his email.

Hello Admin,

I think you must be aware that your website is using by many Bangladesh young man’s to harass young woman’s and their family members. The language is completely unreadable.

We have tried by calling more then 100 phone numbers from your website and found all of them published unauthorized, without knowledge of the users, just to harass the young woman’s in the family and also as well as in the society. A lot of phone numbers found which is belong to young woman’s father, mother, brother or sister’s name, peoples are calling those numbers and asking for some kind of services as they found the information in the web. It is very hard to digest / accept this kind of service request for the family members in a Country like Bangladesh. Every month at least 3-5 young woman’s suicide due to this kind of social and family harassment.

I have complete list of telephone numbers whom we called and noted their comments. Since many of them don’t have Internet access and also they don’t have much idea about the site or how to contact that’s why they don’t know what to do?

I will strongly request you to delete this telephone list upon receive this email and also I will strongly request you not to publish telephone numbers in the future.

I hope you will take it seriously as this is causing huge social and family problem in Bangladesh.

We are collecting all website who are hosting this kind of personal information and will not stop their activities upon receive our request will notify to the concern authority for the necessary action.

We may help you if you needed in this regards.

Thank you for your kind attention on this issues.



Can you answer this email honestly. Even I can’t. Because I always try to publish authorized content but comments are based on public feedback. We can’t stop public words but yes we can overcome the mobile numbers.

I will request to Mamun and his friend and all you guys, if you see any mobile number/ photo which is unauthorized and being a reason of trouble of bangladeshi girls or families you must inform us to remove that illegal content/mobile numbers.

And this is not only solution to stop the sexual harassment on cellphone in Bangladesh. But yes we can make awareness in schools, colleges and on public places about these kind websites and tell them how to ask website owner to remove their photos/mobile numbers.

our email: contact (at)

I’ll appreciate your feedback.


Desi Girls

Desi Aunty from Sialkot looks so hot

Sialkot is they city of hard workers and hot people. Hot desi girls and aunties lives there. We will not talk about gentleman or families who lives in sialkot. We will talk about desi stuff. This photo we got from one of readers emails. He described about this photos, She is leather factory owner’s slut. And having fun with win. She is sitting along her boyfriend who offer her to smock. She is hot but desi sialkoti aunty and wants more people in her bedroom for more earning. I know you got my point.
These type of girls and desi aunties don’t like to have sex but their problem is money. Poverty have took her to be escort auntie in sialkot.
She thinks she is satisfied now with her profession and don’t like those people who always think bad about her profession. Every body who keen of sex always try to find hot girls and hot aunties in sialkot and she thinks this is true some people wants to have fun but apparently they show they are so much gentle man.


Bengali Girls

Young Bangladeshi girls likes cycle rickshaw ride

The cycle rickshaw in Dhaka is especially well-known as a major medium for Bengali girls. Dhaka is the city of Cycle Rickshaws from all around the Bangladesh and the world. And Hot desi girls from dhaka always prefer to ride on it because its easy to ride and comfortable for every one and the best thing is its so cheap. Many bengali girls goes to school by cycle rickshaw, they pay rickshaw driver each month fix salary and he comes daily to drop them from home to school and then drop back.

These cute bengali girls are actually teen age girls and looking for boy friend to having fun and joy full friendship. Nazia is one of them is so young and having mobile number for boys. But probably she forget to share with us. We can ask her via email to publish it here.