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Grandparents and desi Indian girl thoughts

Living with your parents can be hell, but what happens if your grandparents move in too?

Priya is mature Indian NRI girl, she is living with her happy and wealthy family. But She thinks happniess comes from care and specially respect the parents. She loves her Grandma. Priya is really hot indian girl who want to change the social life and want to let us know about generation gap between grandparents and us.

She have share an article, which is for care of grandparents and specially dedicated it to new generation who don’t care their grandparents.

Jaspreet Pandohar has written the following articles for desi girls who take care or not about their grand mom and father.

Ever thought you’d be single, in your mid thirties and still living at home with your parents? No? Me neither. Ever thought that you’d also end up living with grandma or grandpa? Nope? Alas, that is the exact predicament many young British men and women like myself have found themselves in during the past few years.

Having done the right thing and got a good education, built a decent career and social circle and lived independently for many years, only to find the deteriorating economic climate slap you in the face and send you running back home to live with mummy and daddy can be a depressing experience.

Unable to afford a mortgage or soaring rent payments, many young British and Asian twenty and thirty somethings are falling into the demographic conveniently coined by the tabloids as the ‘Boomerang Generation’. We may have been thrown out or left of our own accord, but somehow we manage to find our way back home.

Coming from a well established, close-knit Punjabi clan living in over-priced London, I’m lucky to have the family nest to fall back on. It’s saved me from ending up on a friend’s sofa or dingy bedsit and spending my money on cheap takeaways. Many don’t have that option. But getting back into your old bedroom doesn’t come without a price.

Having your parents keep an eye on your comings and goings is inevitable. But to then have your feisty eighty two year old grandmother comment on your every movement and use you as a convenient domestic help is another kettle of fish. I know this only too well. Once every four months when my grandma comes to stay for a month, I end up being forced to deliver breakfast in bed, cook special meals, iron her clothes and if I’m really lucky help her pluck the hairs growing from her chin (I draw the line at this point).

Then there’s the constant shouting because grandma refuses to wear her hearing aid, or being woken up at two, three and four in the morning by the creepy sound of her walking stick as she rattles up and down the corridor on her umpteenth trip to the bathroom. I won’t even begin to mention the drama that ensues when lazy grandma is forced to have a bath after days of childish refusal.

But all this is bearable. After all, elderly people need help with personal and domestic chores. What is not tolerable however is the ignorance and deceitful behaviour people of a certain age can sometimes exhibit when they should know better. Having been spoilt by my grandfather into not lifting a finger in her own home, after his untimely demise my grandma has come to expect the same level of servitude from everyone with whom she comes in contact.

From refusing to get up to fetch herself a glass of water, picking up her discarded tissues to switching on the room light (even though she is more than physically capable), my grandma is a grand master at making you feel guilty if you don’t drop everything to help her. Failing to understand why her daughter in laws go out to work and don’t wait on her sons hand and foot, despite the need to earn a living being explained to her multiple times, is another one of her specialities. Also out of the bounds of her comprehension is the fact that young people have to go out to school or university. Why can’t they just sit around at her feet massaging her legs while listening to mundane stories about her village?

Her continual need for constant attention and companionship is just the tip of an iceberg. For example, there’s nothing my grandma likes better than to rile up my mother while my father is not in ear shot. I used to think the Saas-Bahu dramas on Indian television channels were far fetched. That was until my grandma rode into town.

Having three generations of the same family living under the same roof is not an unusual occurrence amongst Indian families. The concept of extended families has existed for centuries and served a good purpose. But in twenty first century Britain, or any other modern country for that matter, having several different generations in the same household can be a recipe for disaster. We have grown accustomed to our independence, young and old. Adjusting our lifestyles and plans to suits others for the sake of their whims or unwillingness to change isn’t easy.

And it’s not only my generation who is finding it challenging living with their elders. My parents’ generation are too. Having fought tooth and nail to move out of the family home in the 1970s, my parents like many other first generation Asians settled in Britain, suffered more emotional blackmail than an entire season of Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi when they finally dared to strike out on their own. Defying ones family to live separately was, and can still be, a brave thing to do. To have that very family re-enter your life decades later can be equally traumatic.

But what if you find you cannot or simply do not want to live with an elderly member of the family whose presence is unnecessarily or intentionally disrupting? And what if they don’t want to live with you? Is it wrong to want to be rid of them, or at least look for an alternative living arrangement?

Placing your parents or grand parents into residential care or a nursing home remains a huge taboo within the Asian community here in Britain as it does elsewhere. It’s seen as a callous, selfish act and only considered as a last resort. But there are circumstances when this could work for the benefit of both parties. The elderly member of the family gets their own personal space and level of attention and care they deserve, while the family gets some peace of mind. There I said it! I’m sure I’ll be damned. Source:


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Beautiful Paki girls wearing Hijab as a Fashion

Here you can see hot Muslim girls who are wearing hijab. Pakistani girls come in a variety of shapes, sizes and of course dress codes…not least of which is the hijab. Hijab is an Islamic dress code which entails the covering of the hair.

Unlike the commonly held stereotypical belief, however, hijab does not include covering of the face. Face covering(known niqab) are not an Islamic dress code, but actually derived from the culture of the Arab Bedouins and has no basis in Islamic injunctions.

Pakistani girls are wearing hijab nowadays as a Fashion dress, hijab has been cultured in our society as fashion. And arab girls do not think it is fashion, they think it is their identity. But mostly Indian Muslim girls and Pakistani girls wearing hijab as new fashion. Iranian girls and Bengali girls wearing hijab due to Islam and their limitations in society otherwise they are also want be moderate.






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Pakistani girls are in trouble due to Mobile numbers

Since the mobile phone technology come to the Pakistan, every body in the country having good benefit due to it. Talking to our friends or relatives every thing become so easy. Mobile has been spread to all the country even a poor person of the country having expansive mobile. Its observation and we have seen many times on different places some beggars talking on mobile phones to their girls friends or friends. huh!

So I was writing about Pakistani girls problems which are critical nowadays. These are directly linked to Mobile technology. “Mobile numbers of girls” this is most famous query on the internet and people from India, Bangladesh, Pakistan are the majority who always search it on Google to find the girls mobile numbers. But most of the mobile numbers, I will say 90% girls mobile numbers are fake on these type of pages. But 10% are original mobile numbers which are also not comes directly from girls. But they are leaked from their boys friends or enemies.

Yesterday, my friend Kiran was telling me that her mobile number is leaked and some boys are calling her to teas her and she is very upset. She can’t change the mobile number as it is her personal number for her family and friends.

Many boyfriends cheats the girls and then also thread them that they will put her mobile number on internet.
Same issue with the innocent girls photos, some people publish those girls photos with out any permission of them.
Its serious issue nowadays with Pakistani girls. I know Bangladesh is also facing similar problems. About India, that scene is little different. Indian having sex and hot girls their girls not feel problem to share their numbers to the guys. But not all rather than majority of the Indian girls.

Pakistani girls should care in having friendship with boys, and do not give them their personal matters like photos and personal numbers until they know them very well. These all suggestions are what Kiran told me.

aysha hot Pakistani girl


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Young Bengali Lady Doctor looking for life partner

Today when I woke up, Sun was almost in the middle of sky, ohh OMG, So I was already late for the office, I opened my laptop, and checked the emails, I shocked, I saw an amazing photo from hot Bangladeshi girl. She was from Dhaka…She was looking for her life partner. She sent us these photos from Bangladesh. How easy to get relationship with Bengali girls? I studied her portfolio, I got it…. She was a lady doctor, Medical college and hospital trainee. She was looking for handsome but relevant to her medical field young boy. I though for doctors finding female doctors not so hard, Bengali female is waiting for young guys for friendship and then wants to have long life relationship.

Above photo is her photo in Dhaka Hospital, I think she forget to wrote her name in the email.
I think I don’t need to mention about loyalty of Bengali girls, Because every one known about Bangladeshi girls loyalty and their respect. Don’t forget to share your thoughts about this Bangladeshi girl doctor from Dhaka.


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About Fake Pakistani Girls Mobile Number

A lot of people are searching pakistani girls mobile number on internet and trying to make friendship with paki girls online. And about my knowledge a lot of websites are publishing fake pakistani girls mobile number and making boys fool. And some websites are giving a form where you can publish a number of pakistani girl, which is I think not good and may be that girl is not willing to post her cell number but may be that girl was her class mate or his ex boy friend, and that is why some boy tease them by posting her mobile number on internet. So my advise to all my Pakistani boys to that please don,t publish their phone numbers at such websites. Specially don’t give your friends mobile number in the comments section, its your social responsibility to take care of your friends.


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Indian Dulhan – Girls Mehndi designs

Dulhan also known as bride, usually tend to have good mehndi designs when their wedding comes near. So all are for searching a good Dulhan Mehndi Designs.

Mehndi is a traditional event for a bride before her marriage. Usually it is a day or two before marriage.

The rising trend for opting for this is because, it is a new fashion, and every dulhan looks for a good mehndi design so that their hands can look beautiful in them and so their personality.

These designs are also more important because they add a grace in your personality and beauty.

Majority of these designs are targetted to womens living in Pakistan, India, U.A.E, and Bangladesh.

These are so beautiful and so attractive that it will be very hard for one to not to opt for them.

Further more, these designs are also valid for arabic mehndi designs, indian mehndi designs or for Pakistani Mehndi Designs.

All this is due to the similarities of culture between these countries.


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Mobile Phone Numbers of Lahore Girls

Nobody is stopping you to dial a number on your mobile phone and chat to a Lahori girl from anywhere in the great Mughal empires city. If only you had their numbers, how you wish. You are spending some quality time on the internet searching for girls from Lahore who have their mobile phone numbers and pictures posted through MMS or other technologies. Please share lahori girls phone numbers and images. if you have liberty market girls from lahore mobile numbers.

Nida Shiekh is doing job in Bank Alflah Ferozpure Lahore. She wants to make friends all around the world. She is very lovely and innocent girl. We have her friend’s Mobile number and her own too,

Miss Shabana Mobile Number: 0345-0766179

0311-0860303 Ayesha – Karachi Girls
0304-6200006 Sidra – Karachi Girls

Maryam shafat : 0342-3896272

Lahori girl Ambreen Mobile # 03344200318

Her Friend Sana Ghauri Mobile  #  0347-2733135

Sana Ghauri is her friend who lives in Sabzazar Colony Bosan Road Multan.

You can contact her via SMS. First sms then call to her. Some times her father talk, but mostly she have this number.

Images are one thing and speaking live is another. So the next best thing is provided to you via these posts on the Blog.

Get your fix for the day and return whenever you wish. Please share mobile phone numbers in comments.


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Pakistani Girls Enjoy Basant Festival

Pakistani girls are preparing for the Punjabi spring festival called Basant. The city of Lahore marks the beginning of spring with the Basant carnival, an orgy of kite-flying, rooftop soirees, garden parties and equestrian events, much to the disgust of Islamic clerics. Lahories and out-of-town enthusiasts don glamorous clothes, in the yellow and green of spring flowers blooming citywide, to bid farewell to the frosts and fogs of winter and usher in spring.

Girls love to wear yellow shalwar kameezes during the season and dress up most fabulously for the occasion. Punjabi girls from Islambad and as far away as Bahawalpur and even Karachi converge upon Lahore to partake in the much awaited Basant celebrations.

People all over the world come Lahore to participate and enjoy Basant festival. Its getting world wide popularity.


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Fashion Designer Faiza Khan


Faiza Khan has decided that she wants to become a fashion designer rather than use her law degree. She manages to join a co-operative and get started as a seamstress on local commissions whilst she plans her future, but she is also struggling to decide how to be a modern young woman in Pakistan.

Faiza Khan’s friend has gone to Austria and doesn’t look like returning soon. She has a dalliance in an online chat room and an interesting encounter with a young (and rather arrogant) religious teacher. She says that she is here to make some online friends having same interests. Her beautiful face with nice color combination of clothes makes superb special effects and surely readers will enjoy that. Make spicy comments in bucket and subscribe to follow the post.


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Safia School Teacher from Multan, Pakistan


Dear readers today we are posting the photo of a beautiful Pakistani girl Safia. She has sent this photo from Multan. She is working as a teacher in a very famous school nearby. Though some of the primary school teachers in Pakistan lack motivation, Safia say’s she is exceptional and good motivator too. She defines herself that she is very simple and a good friendly person. Her only wish now is to be re-born as a school girl, and enjoy life like children’s without any worries. She has not yet decided about her marriage. For now, she is looking for some good friends.


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Wedding season started in pakistan

Wedding Seasson followed the Eid, its a family event of happiness and festivity.
A Pakistani marriage generally consists of four main ceremonies of nikah, mehndi, rukhsati and valima however; such smaller events like mangani (engagement), mayoun (applying hina on bride’s hand), dholki are also celebrated by some people along with main functions.


Brief account of weeding in pakistan.

Pakistan is a land of thousand faces, a country simply overflowing with cultural richness. A blend of many languages, religions, traditions and cultures, Pakistan is one of the most culturally diverse countries on earth. In a land so varied, the possibilities for a marriage are endless, and customs vary according to religion, region and community. Whatever the preferences, a wedding in Pakistan is bound to be unforgettable – every marriage is the sign for an important family celebration. Although most of these celebrations do not necessarily fall in the boundaries set by religion and are heavily influenced by customs
of neighbour and overseas countries, people participate in them with passion and enthusiasm.

It is usually the first event of a wedding. From this day on, the bride is proscribed from the groom’s eyes till the day of marriage. Yellow color symbolizes the day of upton, the other name of mayoon. To mold into the colors of upton, family and invited guests wear yellow garments. Starting of this day is with the recitation of Qur’an. After the religious formalities, family and friends bring the bride/groom for the ceremony. The friends and family sits in circle with their percussion equipments (Dholak and Duff) and sings through out the evening.

This event is very colorful and full of traditional songs and dances. It is spread over 2 days – one day over at the groom’s place to put Henna on groom’s hand and the second day over at the bride’s house to put Henna on her hand. Sometimes, both parties agree to have a single function on just one day and split the cost. On this day, groom’s family delivers the wedding dress to bride’s family, and then her family takes groom’s wedding attire to his family.


Shadi (Nikah)

Nikah is the signing of official paperwork in the presence of a Moulvi (Islamic priest). After signing the papers and performing a religious ceremony, the couple is declared husband and wife. Shadi is the actual wedding ceremony and all guests are invited.

The ceremony is arranged by the bride’s family and Baarat (groom’s friends and family) come to the bride’s house. Red clothing symbolizes this day of Shadi. The bride’s gown is very elaborate, as are her veil and jewelry. Men wear a distinctive traditional turban. Dinner is served by bride’s family. Rokhsati (the bride leaves her parent’s home to start a new life) is the last event of the day.

Valima is the fourth and last day of the wedding. The groom’s side invites all the guests to celebrate this event. The newly wedded couple welcomes the guests and family, and then mingles with them throughout the dinner.


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Indian Mujra girl dancing for Money

Mujra dance is vary famous in Pakistan and India due to its fantasy steps of waving women body in air with hot and sexy styles. Nargis and Anjuman are hot mujra actresses of Pakistan that performing their dances mostly at stage drama
shows that are held in local theaters and than later released on video tapes and also publish on Internet video streaming websites. My interest in mujra dances is certainly not without some sexual interests, but to me, seen a actual steps of mujra is far more interesting and giving you entertainment than looking at softcore or striptease dance. Although, I agree, if you do a search for mujra dance of ht Desi babes on the Internet, you’re going to find a lot of stuff out there that is nothing more than local party girls dance. But a real fantastic mujra, with its special traditional features, is surely different from that local stupid stuff.


The reality of mujra dancers is a far cry from its fanciful interpretations with several mujra dancers turning to flesh trade in a bid for survival after the Indo-Pak kings passed into the pages of history.

Its somewhat same as funny girls doing dance Video Clips is a online funny videos hub featuring the best of funny commercials, funny animals, funny jokes, funny TV shows, funny clips and all Desi hot funny entertaining stuff songs.

Bollywood and Lollywood actresses are world famous for their hot mujra presentation in their movies. Normally every Indian or Pakistani movie at least contain one hot mujra song which is presented in wet dress or in rain some times it happens in a closed room with a gathering of too many people who are encourage mujra dancer by showering currency notes on the dancer.

These mujra dances are presented in mostly Punjabi language but some songs are in Hindi and Urdu language too. Punjabi mujra songs are more hot and attractive than other language songs, because its the pure product or service of Punjab.