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Friends this profile is of Shireen Bint Asad (in white scarf) and her two school friends. Shireen has sent her photo through email. She lives in Manama Bahrain. She tells that Manama is the capital city of the Kingdom of Bahrain and most expatriates live in and around the capital and work in one of the Kingdom’s main industries which are petroleum production and processing, IT, telecommunications, hospitality, medicine or banking. As a result of the popularity of the location, property for sale and rent in Manama is offered at a premium and those moving to work in Bahrain on a firm job offer should try and negotiate some money towards their housing as part of their overall remuneration package.

The purpose of sending her photo Shireen tells that in the school she has lot of friends but when at evening she comes online she feels lonely. She could not make any online friend hitherto. So through our site she delivers a message that if anyone interested to make sincere friendship with me then please feel free to contact through comments box.

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  • hai ,
    i am indian and working in KSA , i am far away from my family and friend and missing them too much when i read your blog i think that we can we a good freind to share the thought and feeling , well take care and hoping for positive reply

    haidery sharafat

  • hai ,
    i am indian and working in KSA , i am far away from my family and friend and missing them too much when i read your blog i think that we can we a good freind to share the thought and feeling , well take care and hoping for positive reply

    haidery sharafat



  • I am shuvo I want to marrige to contract address add eamil me my email, love my mother and love my father and love my allah.

  • Rajesh

    Dear Shireen,

    I m an Indian, Studying in Collage. I also think that on net lots of people r making fool 2 each other. If u think that u want some genuine person to be friend please send an email to me at —


    u r soooooo cute shireen nd i like ur comments.

  • She goooooooooood.

  • md.noor hossain

    i am from bangladeshi boy name md.noor hossain .i am coming to
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  • gopi singh

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  • Iqbal Hossain

    i am introducing my self this is iqbal from bangladesh . i gone there in karnesh island it is very nice place for visit . but i dont in baharin so whatever ,you are all looking very nice . i know actually arabian girl all are looking very cute like to make friendship with u forever do u agree.

  • Biswajyoti Ghosh


    I am Biswajyoti Ghosh, I happen to have worked with the Oberoi Dammam, for 4 years and am pretty much familiar to your culture.

    I too had been given a job offer with the Alhamra, and the Hiltons
    Bahrain before I came here to the USA.

    It shall really be interesting to know you for a friendship.If you can
    e-mail me at I would be able to introduce
    myself better.

  • Ayman

    Hi cute’e
    i’m Ayman from Saudi Arabia, living in the west side of the kingdom, employee in Aramco (Producing Department), as an (Outside Operator) in GOSP’s (Gas Oil Separation plant), if you can help me to get a chance to transfer my job to Bahrain or making friends that i can be proud in the future just add me please to your contacts & you will know me better.

    Best wishes

  • Muzammil

    Hi I want to be that friend you are looking for and ya I ve heard alot about your place tell me more about it. You can send me mail if you like

  • Mansoor

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  • Yousef Ali

    Hi Miss Shireen, how are you ? i hope everything is going well with you in Bahrain. I am a saudi engineer working as an operations manager. I will be very please if you accept me as a friend. Please drop me an email if so.



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  • asak shireen, great to see u r profile for web
    you r such kind of which are board minded and eagerly looking live independly.
    i want to know mor about bahrain
    if u plz share few view of our country

  • asak shrireen, sorry friend the first ever whhich comment i was fwd at that time i am in hurry so commit so many mistake in it

  • acctually i want to say u r such kind of girl which is broad minded and eagerly looking to live independly.

  • m asad

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  • Arif

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  • md jony

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  • hi how r u doing well im from manama want to be ur friend n well want u to date

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  • Saahil

    Hi Shireen,

    I want to be ur frnd, u r looking so cute through all over. So if u interested pls mail me. I’m waiting for ur reply.

  • jamal

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  • Hi shireen, i am Sham, Working in Bahrain, I would like to have a true friendship with u…if ur interested contact me in my mail id:

  • Vaibhav

    I m an Indian, do the job. I also think that on net lots of people are making fool 2 each other. If u think that u want some genuine person to be friend please send an email to me at —

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  • Shahid

    Hi shireen.How are you?
    The background is very beautiful.
    May i know where this place is?

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  • Ramiz anjum laskar

    Hi,i also have the same problems as yours,when ever i comes online nobody is their 2 talk with me,although i have only few frinds in orkut. so will u please be my friend.And sorry 4 not telling adout me,i read in class 12 and i live in INDIA.waiting 4 ur positive reply.

  • Meraj ghaffar

    Dear. As-salam o alaikum. I am an indian and have trust in friends. I am an engineering student in Bangalore. So i request you to be my friend. Wish a positive reply. My email id is Allah-hafiz.

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    What r u doing Shireen? Have You Forgot, sister,
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    You will have no loneliness there. I assure you sister.
    It’s 100% Real……..May Allah Bless You. Bye

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  • AmirHanif

    This is Amir from pakistan ,soon i cm to bahreen for joing the bahreen police n i also studing there if sm one well knw abt the top univercitys then kinkly told me abt it that which university is sutible for taken admissionn in M.B.A in Bahreen.idnt knw abt bahreen living peoples but i knw muslims are well human .SALAM

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  • muneer

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