Bengali Girls

Young Bangladeshi girls likes cycle rickshaw ride

The cycle rickshaw in Dhaka is especially well-known as a major medium for Bengali girls. Dhaka is the city of Cycle Rickshaws from all around the Bangladesh and the world. And Hot desi girls from dhaka always prefer to ride on it because its easy to ride and comfortable for every one and the best thing is its so cheap. Many bengali girls goes to school by cycle rickshaw, they pay rickshaw driver each month fix salary and he comes daily to drop them from home to school and then drop back.

These cute bengali girls are actually teen age girls and looking for boy friend to having fun and joy full friendship. Nazia is one of them is so young and having mobile number for boys. But probably she forget to share with us. We can ask her via email to publish it here.


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    hi, asole amar kisui bolar nei, karon khali kolsi baje besi.
    ami bolar cahite koray besi bissasi.
    jodi feel koro really life karo valobasa dorkar. valo ekjaon manush dorkar, then mail me.
    faijlami korar jonno hole dorkar nai.
    take care

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    hi guys hw r u? its shompa, love to hv fun sx with guys. I got nice figure! Don cale me to disturb, if u r really interested only then contact me at 01927820482

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    hello i am dipu, amar ak ta girl friend dorkar, ame ak ta valo girl friend chi, so , please contact me &

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    Hey dear, I’m looking a very simple minded friend. It’s true. So anyone interested to me pls call me 01922704535.

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    2 beautful girls. I like chsoose reat coller frindship me?

    my mobile number +96599415370

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