The Health Benefits of Pink Himalayan Salt Lamps

Pink Himalayan Salt Lamps

The Himalayan salt, in general, is harvested by hand from the pristine and secluded foothills of the Himalayan mountain range where an ancient sea that gradually turned to a stone-ground is located. Because of its taste and appealing color, it was even used as currency in ancient times. It is basically a fossilized sea salt that comes out in a reddish or pink color, with some off-white to transparent crystals and with the full potency of its minerals being retained. These minerals were found essential to one’s health and well-being.

But what’s with the color distinction in pink Himalayan salt? The reason for that extraordinary color has something to with the number of minerals present in the salt. Aside from sodium and potassium, it has iron, magnesium, calcium and copper additions in trace amounts. These other minerals transmit color to the salt with mostly iron creating the pretty pink.

The pink Himalayan salt is in line with the growing awareness and popularity of organic and natural beauty products. Scented with organically grown lavender and mixed with Dead Sea salts to form a bath salt, it is well used in health spas around the world for its effectiveness in the relief of muscle aches and signs of skin disorders such as psoriasis and eczema. This salt product is also used in aromatherapy while dipping in a long and warm detoxifying bath. Himalayan salt alone can, in fact, deliver these beneficial results, but this product makes it even more intense.

These Himalayan pink crystals are among the fancy salts, not your ordinary table variety. Gourmet chefs and distinguished cooks are now discovering such salts with slight flavor variations in relation to their constant culinary challenge of bringing something new to the table. But flavoring is not the only quality which defines these special natural salts. Its coarse, medium and fine grain textures also influence the taste buds. One of these specialty salts is the dramatically colored Himalayan pink which is usually served as a pinch of garnish on top of potato and pasta dishes. The pink Himalayan salt is indeed part of the gourmet market now.

With other natural salt products making its way in health stores, pink Himalayan salt lamps and Persian salt lamps should not be confused as one another. Himalayan salt lamps have their orange and reddish hues, while Persian salt lamps are the new purple ones. These equally beautiful lamps from Iran are carved out of rock salt and mined in only a few places in Central Asia. Each lamp consists of an incandescent bulb placed in a carved hollow within the rock.

When it is on, a light that reveals the color of the lamp shines through. Much like the pink Himalayan salt lamp, it acts as a natural air purifier reducing allergens and irritants. But still, it could not surpass the many amazing health benefits of the pink Himalayan salt lamp. After all, the Himalayan salt is nothing but the purest salt on earth.


Grassroot-Fund Is an End to All Fundraising Challenges

All you need is an efficient, worthwhile, and easy criterion or platform when fundraising. Many organizations, persons, companies, NGOs, and political parties have since time immemorial designed various ways to raise funds. The peer-to-peer method is among the most commonly used means of collecting fundraising. Though ineffective, P2P has been in operation for a long time, but fortunately, there is a new, effective, and easy way to fundraise. Grassroot-Fund has overturned everything in the fundraising world by providing the best way that helps the community and other various institutions and people to collect funds for the success of their missions.

If you value efficiency, innovation, and sense of community, then we have designed Grassroot-Fund for you. Grassroot-Fund has rendered all the fundraising activities and processes efficient, effective, and streamlined by opening the operations to a myriad of platforms and automatically integrating all the communications in the platforms in question hence instance donations.

We have grown this platform to best meet all your fundraising needs depending on your organization. You need to know that Grassroot-Fund is essential; it impacts and empowers your fundraising endeavors. It provides a dashboard that displays all the communication mediums. For instance, it interfaces and synchronizes all contacts from all media, there being CRM, Email, phone text, Facebook messenger, LinkedIn message, WhatsApp messenger, Instagram messenger, and snap chat message.

Grassroots-Fund is a web platform that automates the peer-to-peer fundraising process.

The unique components that Grassroot-Fund has and their functions include:

  • CRM component of Grassroot-Fund provides you with essential activities like the actual fundraising, credit card, and ACH processing and automated peer-to-peer fundraising.
  • Social Media Management Component eases your fundraising by allowing you to create several social profiles depending on the users that you want. It provides a way of automatically scheduling your content, conducting real-time analytics, and having scheduled social media posts. The Social Media Management Component is best for you since you can manage all the social media posts from one dashboard.
  • Marketing, Donors, and Donations Secured Component: This gives you the best avenue to easily reach the contacts and insights of your prospective company and its tasks.

For us to meet your needs at your different organizational capacities, Grassroot-Fund contains different tiers. The tiers include Essential, Impact, and Empower: in ascending order of their complexity. The tiers contain all the necessary components as above, but as their complexity increases, more components and features increase. You are at liberty to select any tier depending on the size of your organization, hence no excuse for not using the Grassroot-Fund platform.

How does Grassroot-Fund basically function?

  • It feels good for you to have all the contacts in a commonplace. Grassroot-Fund has taken a milestone in synchronizing all the contacts in your Emails, phone contact book, Facebook messenger, LinkedIn message, Instagram messenger, WhatsApp messenger, and snap chat message to one place without much effort.
  • What if you can send messages to all your contacts instantly with just a click. With Grassroot-Fund, you do not need to spend all night and day sending messages. You are to design a message and automatically send it the way you want.
  • It is an explosive reap of funds when you use Grassroot-Fund since you will reach many contacts at a time. You can also collect funds from all countries in their respective currencies.

Why end your vision and mission by lack of adequate funds? Choose to use Grassroot-Fund in fundraising to get many funds than you need.



Philosophy Cards: The Existential Tarot Deck

Philosophy Cards

Ever thought of having your self-creation in the philosophical? The Philosophy Card created by Melanie is focused on the philosophy of Existentialism as compared to the traditional way of finding meaning, self-discovery.  Philosophy Card is a combination of tarot cards structures with philosophic concepts.

The traditional tarot deck is made up of 78 cards: Major Arcana cards-22, Minor Arcana cards-40, and Court cards-16. Each of the cards has a meaning attached to it. However, the interpretation of the cards shifts depending on the position of the card in the layout and its interaction with the other cards, allowing for extensive interpretations of the cards based on how their placement and symbolism are viewed.

For the Philosophy Cards, they interpret and as well as preserving the structure of the tarot cards. The cards focus on the role of freedom, infinite freedom!

What if I Don’t Know Anything About Philosophy?

The good thing about Philosophy Cards is that you don’t need to have any knowledge of philosophy to use the cards. The cards will help you learn philosophy. When you buy the philosophy cards, you will get a guide book that explains in simple words the philosophical concepts which are relevant to each card. Philosophers such as Jean-Paul Sartre, Simon De Beauvoir, and Friedrich Nietzsche take center stage in Philosophy Cards. So you get insights about yourself and learn the philosophic ideas in a fun and straightforward way!

The philosophical cards will be hand-drawn by the fantastic artist Tom McCloskey. The philosophy card has an excellent quality that is drawn in a Stonehenge paper with ink, gouache, and gesso. The back of the cards has a unique abstraction on the Greek symbol. The designs were made by the amazing graphic artist Silvia Lasmar and the card back with have a gold-foiled stamp.

The Inspiration

Philosophy Cards are over eight years in the making! As a philosophy teacher, Melanie has a great passion for Philosophy, Art, and education. The cards are a reflection of her love, and the philosophy cards have a bit of philosophy, beautiful artwork and they are also a teaching tool. The card is an entertaining two-person activity.

Philosophy Cards are fun and exciting ways of learning, as philosophy is presented in an entertaining and readable style. The Philosophy Cards will motivate self-reflection; it will cultivate the imagination and help to develop critical thinking skills. The cards will play a part in advancing your understanding of philosophy, and someday will be the centralized location in the cultural sphere.

Embrace your existential freedom and create the future you desire.

Tarot Readings

Yes, go ahead. The essence of Philosophy Cards is different from that of a traditional tarot deck, and it would be interesting to give it a try. Those who purchased the deck as a reward option will receive their decks no later than July 2020. We will be submitting final files to our printer at the start of 2020 and will hopefully have our physical proof in hand to show you soon after.



Getting the Best Out of Your Fine Art Talent

Maybe you may have a talent in fine arts yet you do not know where to begin and what direction you may want to take. This is a quite normal thing and it affects many potential and upcoming artists especially those who do not have informed people to give them direction. However, one thing that still amazes fine art critics is the zeal with which those have talent in fine art follow their dreams to stardom. The main issue here is that it may be difficult to kill an idea whose time has come. What one needs to know is that having a dream to pursue is one thing and achieving it is another thing.

To make the best out of your fine arts talent you need to take the right path which at times can be full of bottlenecks and disappointments. However, there are certain things that a fine artist can do to ensure that he has the best in his quest for stardom in fine art.

First, you need to have a good network of established fine art artists who will be able to nurture your talent and take you around the most difficult part of becoming a fully-fledged fine artist – starting out. Many established fine art talents will attest to the reality about how difficult it is to establish yourself especially without proper guidance from experienced people.

You may end up joining groups that will take you nowhere, or even sell your art pieces to bogus dealers at throwaway prices. Secondly, you also need to know how to choose fine art pieces dealers who will be able to add value to your efforts, and this is where the problem lies. As an artist you need to benefit from your work. This means that your fine art pieces should give good returns.

You therefore need your pieces to be sold by trustworthy dealers. The only way that you can get one online is to check for reviews that have been written about particular dealers before you start trusting any of them. This way you will be able to get information about how they treat the network of fine arts talents who bring their art pieces to them.

If you are true art lover and give value to the artists creativity, you must have fine art prints with frame and hang them on your office or house wall. MeisterDrucke fine art prints are great prints more closer to original paintings and value to your money. In India you can easily get them shipped.



Online Dating with emotional baggage

Online Dating with emotional baggage

You are single and exhausted. Presently you are anxious to get once more into the dating diversion; you’re human, and, thus, you tend to bring along your things into new connections. Getting once again into the dating scene is a fantastic time to break down the things you’ve amassed; psychological weight is a connection to your history, what you’ve experienced. Having a solid soul and psyche is an immediate aftereffect of how you manage your psychological weight.

Consider your past occasions and contemplate your re-entrance into the dating scene; maybe it was the finish of a long, stale relationship or a separation. To make an effective jump into your new life, you should be eager to manage and to unload your things. The key is acknowledgment; whatever torment you might feel, recall this: it will pass.

When beginning another discussion with an imminent match, they may ask you about your past and for what good reason you chose to get once more into the dating amusement. Attempt to keep up a basic and to the point answer; don’t harp on your history. Rather, give simply enough data and proceed onward. Keep in mind that the more you remain on the subject of your difficult past, the more the terrible emotions reemerge, causing misery and trouble.

Your passionate injuries may even now be delicate and require time to mend. Try to get yourself into certain a temper with the goal that you acknowledge your issues and place you into a decent condition of prosperity and quietness. Search out the help of your family and companions; they can do ponders for you profoundly and inwardly.

It is anything but a smart thought to self-observer your negative emotions where it counts inside. Give them a chance to out. Now and then the best way to move out of the past to stand up to them head on, investigating them, investigating them, and relinquishing them.

Closer matches would prefer not to catch wind of how awful your last relationship was. A retelling of your past relationship just says something regarding your present perspective: you are not over your past, you are as yet harmed, and that you are not sincerely accessible for another relationship. Drop your negative past like a pack of blocks; pull up a seat of your soul by pushing ahead to a more splendid, more joyful future.

At the point when occupied with a discussion with somebody, disclose to them a little about yourself. Great subjects of exchange are pastimes, interests, objectives, your activity, and anything positive you should need to uncover. Try not to give any antagonism a chance to cloud your odds of discovering satisfaction once more.

Dump your psychological weight and live! You never again have a need to haul it around any longer; you’ll feel better once you understand this. The past is exactly what it is: the past. It’s a taking in involvement from which you picked up a heap of learning. In time, all injuries recuperate, and you’ll discover bliss once more.

Please visit one of the most trendy website “ispace1 find new love romance relationship affair dating friends” to learn more about how to find someone exciting.


Desi Girls, Indian Girls

Why Indian Girls Look So Hot in Saree Dress

Saree Dress

Beautiful Indian girls and women look so adorable and attractive in saree dress, if you just look at them once in saree clothes, you must be amazed and say wow. This is because Indian culture is so beautiful for women.

Many Indian girls don’t like to wear sarees and when you look at them you don’t get attracted as much as you feel magical eye catching attraction in women who wear saree and looks so hot and sexy.

Madhurima Spicy Stills In Saree

As we all know some Indian girls and women show their navel when they wear a saree is because it’s fashionable, elegant and sexy. Many guys fall in love when saw girls in Indian saree.

Bangladesh and Srilanka are also those countries where girls and women wear saree dress. Bengali girls wear saree on cultural events and in normal days they wear shalwar kameez. While in Srilanks Saree is common dress and every women wear it and show her navel to be more attractive and love-able.

I have gathered some fantastic wearing saree dress hot Indian and Bengali women photographs from Google. I hope you will like these photos and don’t forget to share your comments. We are also on youtube you can watch videos with photos there.


Hot Girls

The 3 Most Common Food Intolerances

Food intolerance is a non-allergic hypersensitivity which happens only when half-digested food enters into our blood. This helps our immune system to produce IgG class of antibodies against those incompletely digested food particles.

Before discussing common food intolerance, we must know that food intolerance is a digestive system response and Food allergy is an immune system response.

Whenever we speaks to experts to understand why some people are becoming increasingly sensitive to certain foods. Food allergy is extremely common that’s why world intolerance analysis reports says 20% of the world’s population may have food intolerance.

Symptoms of food intolerance include:

  • Diarrhea
  • Bloating
  • Rashes
  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Fatigue
  • Abdominal pain
  • Runny nose
  • Reflux
  • Flushing of the skin

Here are the 3 most common food intolerance.

When a person is unable to properly digest the food, Intolerance to lactose, which is found in milk and other dairy products, is the most common food intolerance.

1. Dairy

Lactose is a sugar found in milk and dairy products.  Lactose intolerance is caused by a shortage of lactase enzymes, which causes an inability to digest lactose and results in digestive symptoms.

Symptoms of lactose intolerance include:

  • Abdominal pain
  • Bloating
  • Diarrhea
  • Gas
  • Nausea

2. Gluten

Food intolerance can lead to a rash or fever, some people even start cough. With gluten intolerance, for example, many people feel much better when they don’t eat gluten.

Gluten sensitivity involves adhering to a diet free from foods and products that contain gluten, including:

  • Bread
  • Pasta
  • Cereals
  • Beer
  • Baked goods
  • Crackers
  • Sauces, dressing and gravies, especially soy sauce

3. Caffeine

Caffeine is a stimulant which overcome the fatigue and increases alertness. It is found in a large variety of beverages including coffee, tea, soda and energy drinks.

People with a hypersensitivity to caffeine may have the following symptoms after consuming any amount of caffeine,

  • Rapid heartbeat
  • Anxiety
  • Jitters
  • Insomnia
  • Nervousness
  • Restlessness

There are many factors that may contribute to food intolerance and ingredients to which people may be intolerant, including: Aspartame, Eggs, food colors, and Yeast and sugar alcohols. Many people are intolerant or hypersensitive to above 3 foods and additives to them.



Every Desi Should Take a Food Intolerance Test

Food Intolerance

Many times it happens that when you eat something you feel so intolerable and you think that is food allergy but often it’s due to food intolerance.  Food allergy and food intolerance are commonly unclear as both have similar type of symptoms.  Although in food intolerance immune system is not involve which do not cause the panic allergic reactions, and food allergy is an immune response. In allergy tests food intolerance never shows.

Symptoms of food intolerance

Symptoms of food intolerance can include:

  • nervousness
  • tremor
  • sweating
  • palpitations
  • rapid breathing
  • headache, migraine
  • diarrhoea
  • burning sensations on the skin
  • tightness across the face and chest
  • breathing problems – asthma-like symptoms
  • allergy-like reactions.

Symptoms of food allergy

The symptoms of mild to moderate food allergy include:

  • itching, burning and swelling around the mouth
  • swelling of face or eyes
  • runny nose
  • skin rash (eczema)
  • hives (urticaria –  skin becomes red and raised)
  • diarrhoea, abdominal cramps
  • breathing difficulties, including wheezing and asthma
  • vomiting, nausea.

Causes of Food intolerance

Food like rajma, chickpeas, cabbage is commonly used recipes by Indians. As desi lifestyle allow them to eat such food. But such food is cause the gas formation or constipation. If someone is experiencing problem while eating such food, they must stop. People who eat such kind of food always complaining of abdominal pain, nausea, anxiety, fatigue and diarrhoea and they are unable to digest it properly and start getting health issues.

You may be shocked by reading the fact that most prevalent food item in which Indians are intolerant is found to be peas and the second most common is cola nut and many types of candies. Insufficient cooking of red kidney beans, pea can cause development of food intolerance.

Causes of food allergy

Peanut allergy is one of the most common allergies in young children along with peanut, many other are also allergic foods like tree nuts, eggs, milk, wheat, sesame, fish, shellfish and soy cause allergy reactions.

Food Intolerance Test

Sometimes many doctors are unable to recognize food intolerance. Professional diagnosis is really necessary to in such cases. This test help to diagnose a large range of food items a patient might be intolerant to.  Every person who is suffering from food intolerance must have Food Intolerance Test.

There is no permanent solution to food intolerance apart from complete diet plan and avoid from unhealthy food.