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Online Software Engineering Student Effat


Effat is doing online specialization in software engineering. Effat has sent her photo through email. Effat thinks that online studies are very easy and you can earn any kind of degree online you want. Effat writes in email that through online studies you can find a program that will allow you to take as much time as you want in order to obtain your degree. Many people don’t have the time to attend full time studies at a university, but online studies can allow you from six to ten years to complete a degree. You can complete a study in shorter amounts of time. You can study as hard as your school will allow you and, many times, this will allow you to complete a degree much faster than you could while attending traditional schools.

Effat more tells that you can study any program you want. Instead of looking at the courses offered in your area and choosing one that will work for you and your schedule, you can choose what you want to study. You can find a variety of online studies from schools all over the world. You can also study while traveling. Never again will you have to worry about not being able to go on that much needed vacation or missing a class here and there. As long as you have a laptop and an internet connection at your destination, you won’t miss a thing. In the end Effat tells that you can transfer credits. If you started school a long time ago and never finished, you may be able to get some credit for the courses you have already completed.


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Lahore defence Girls



Lahore is Lahore. And peoples of Lahore, especially women, girls and aunties are highlighted in all Pakistan because of their stunning beauty. In my last post of hidden cam girls of Lahore at roof where we show some one inner nature and his thoughts about girls, women and house wives. But at the same time the girls, women and aunties of Lahore and its small towns like defence , joher town and well established areas where some rumors are that the girls women and aunties of Lahore defence area are more open minded and sex addicted and their dresses are as alike Indian TV channels i.e. star plus etc.

The women and girls of Lahore defence are hot and sexy, and they ofently go to restaurants and public parks for time pass with Lahore guys and make some flirt and date with them, and so on.

ButI am not agreeing with all these types of rumors and arguments. Coz I personally visit Lahore and Lahore defence society and joher town Lahore but I don’t find any thing related to stupid talks about hot and sexy Lahore girls and women.

I agree with this that the Lahore girls and Lahore women and Lahore aunty are so much hot and sexy by their sexy bodies and dresses, but it’s not the way to degrade any one.

 Mobile Number: Shabana – 03044046275

I am posting picture of some girls of Lahore defence society and see the picture, you will be agree with me that these Lahore girls are not too much sexy but hot. There id nothing as like Indian TV channels and Indian models dress. The girls are in simple shalwar kameez dress and nothing else.


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Pakistani Girl in Churidar Pajama


The Churidar pajama suit is one of the favorite dresses among the young Pakistani girls. It is a traditional style dress worn commonly by the girls of the country. Churidar pajama suits can be worn with different types of shirts. They can look good with the straight shirts or with Desi style frocks. Nowadays girls make churidar pajama suits of lawn or cotton material cloth which gives a casual look.
Here is a picture of a girl wearing churidar pajama suit. Her dress is made of simple lawn material but looking very stylish. She is also wearing an elegant silver bracelet around her wrist.



Iraj Manzoor Famous Pakistani Model


With an extraordinary photogenic face and a body to die for, the dusky beauty from Karachi is currently a hot favorite of all the top fashion glossies and a must in all the good fashion shows. Her great walk and an hour glass figure allow her to transform and fit each designer’s personality. Iraj has a prestigious Head and Shoulders advertisement under her belt, where she was selected from a large number of hopefuls.
Streamlined five foot nine, she is one of the most sought-after models – in the business. Iraj is both well loved and well hated – in the modeling and fashion set. Those who don’t care much accuse her of being arrogant, difficult and snobbish. Those who do, say she’s sexy, sensuous and smart. And Iraj…..well, Iraj just likes to keep them all guessing.
When Iraj Manzoor saunters down the ramp no one looks bored. And neither does her. Iraj likes to get noticed; the appraisal is welcomed and almost demanded. She knows she has it. And expects everyone else to know it too. Iraj’s face has adorned the cover of nearly every fashion magazine in Pakistan.


Desi Girls

Industrial Designing Student Andleeb Kermani


Andleeb Kermani is our new member here. Andleeb is studying in an industrial design school in Phoenix, Arizona. Phoenix, Arizona is best known for industrial design schools in various disciplines. This is 2nd year of her studies. Andleeb tells that there are lot of opportunities in industrial designing field because an industrial designer plays an important part in technology advances of a country. An industrial designer is a person who initiates and expands certain ideas to devise the form of manufactured products. He may also be responsible to devise merchandise packaging and graphics for product advertising. It is not an easy job to perform. Industrial Design is a field which involves design and manufacture of wide range of consumer products. Industrial designing includes automobile design, product design, consumer electronics design, office equipments and much more. Most of the industrial designers use CAD tools for conceptual designing of the product.

Andleeb more writes that in today’s world every industry requires which is involved in mass production requires an Industrial designer.Although opportunities are infinite in this field, so is the competition for every single post. Large firms tend to hire only the best designers available. Choose the field that interests you the most. Possible career options include software companies, automotive industry, consumer and home care products, entertainment industry. Well Andleeb of course you have selected the right destination we wish you best of luck about your career and life.