Guilt-Free Biscuits for Diabetes

Live with Diabetes? Snack on Healthy Biscuits!

The need for diabetes-friendly food.

25.2 million people in India have impaired glucose tolerance, according to 2019 statistics. This number can go up to 35.7 million adults by 2045 if lifestyle changes are not made. Diabetes is a disease often linked to our lifestyle and what we eat. More than any external factors, it is about monitoring food intake and proper exercise.

If you are diagnosed with diabetes, keeping it under control is the first and most significant step. Although insulin or diabetes medications help you control your blood glucose, exercise and a proper sugar-free diet like sugar-free beverages, sugar-free snacks, and sugar-free biscuits will go a long way.

Importance of normal blood sugar

If you have diabetes, you know the daily struggles of maintaining blood glucose levels. Every aspect of your life revolves around managing abnormal or high blood glucose levels. Under normal conditions, insulin, a hormone released by the pancreas, uses sugar for energy and keeps your blood glucose at normal sugar level in human body. However, in diabetes conditions, insulin is either not produced or produced in very small quantities. Lack of insulin synthesis impairs the body’s ability to regulate its total glucose levels. 

If these glucose levels remain high for a prolonged duration, it may lead to several complications involving the kidney, brain and nerves. This is why doctors emphasise the importance of routine sugar testing. Blood sugar levels between 90 and 110 mg/dL are considered in the healthy range. However, if you want the values in your sugar level chart to be normal in the longer run, following a healthy lifestyle, healthy diet, regular exercise, and medications are necessary.

Role of food in Diabetes

Food plays the most significant role in altering your blood glucose levels in addition to stress, medications, and a sedentary lifestyle. Our food has three primary nutrients: carbohydrates, protein, and fat.

Carbohydrates quickly convert into glucose (a sugar) during digestion, thus spiking sugar levels. Cereals, bread, pasta, potatoes, and rice all include carbs. In addition, several vegetables and fruits like carrots, potatoes, watermelon, and mango have high carbohydrate and sugar content. However, the other two macronutrients, protein and fats, alter blood glucose levels, but not as fast as carbohydrates. 

This is why your diabetologist asks you to consume more proteins, fibres, and fewer carbs. As carbohydrates are essential for generating energy, you can eat carbohydrate snacks during the day instead of at night to regulate your blood sugar. If you still can’t control your night cravings, try some nuts, seeds, diabetes-friendly fruits, or homemade sugar-free biscuits. 

What to eat to keep your blood sugar in check

The biggest question is what food is healthy for diabetes. There is much we read and see on social media today about foods being good or bad for diabetes. But the reality is no food is entirely safe or dangerous for people with diabetes. In addition, excessive consumption of diabetes-friendly foods can impact values in your sugar level chart. So the ideal plan is to eat in moderation. Here are some healthy swaps to start with:

  • Replace chips or crisps with a few handfuls of pumpkin or sunflower seeds. Even better, toast them with cinnamon or other seasonings.
  • Try out carrots with salsa or hummus in place of bread and dips. Homemade nutritious hummus or roasted beet hummus can be the best swap.
  • Replace milk chocolate with dark chocolates. 
  • Use frozen unsweetened yogurt with berries or frozen bananas instead of ice cream.
  • Swap sugary, carbonated beverages with mint or fresh fruit-flavouring water.
  • Try unsalted nuts in place of salted nuts.

Yummy Recipes to Make Sugarless Biscuits

Below are some of the mouth-watering sugar-free biscuit recipes that won’t spike up your blood glucose levels, so you can indulge in your sweet cravings:

Almond Flour Biscuits

These cookies are made with almond flour and require butter, blanched almond flour, vanilla essence, and erythritol (sweetener). When all the ingredients are ready, combine the flour and sweetener in a mixer until they have a frothy and light texture. 

Make balls of cookies from the dough. Flatten them, and bake them till golden brown. These cookies are the healthiest because they have fewer carbohydrates and are full of fibre.

Easy Pecan Cookies

The simple low-carb pecan cookies are among the easy cookies to make. This recipe requires three ingredients: eggs, chopped nuts, and a sweetener. Ground pecans first, then add eggs and sweetener. Once everything has been thoroughly blended, make tiny parts and arrange them on the baking sheet. After 8 to 10 minutes of baking, they are done. These cookies contain relatively few carbohydrates.

Coconut Macaroons

These diabetes-friendly cookies only need a few readily available ingredients. The main components of this recipe are sweetener (such as Splenda), egg, keto chocolate chips, unsweetened shredded coconut, vanilla essence, and salt.

Combine the eggs, sweetener, vanilla essence and coconut shreds in a food processor. When the dough is ready, roll it into little balls and bake for a short while. Each serving of these cookies has a low number of net carbs.

Take Away

Don’t get disheartened if your diabetes deprives you of sweets, snacks, and cookies. You can continue to indulge in sugar-free cookies to satisfy your sweet tooth. These cookies have the most healthful ingredients and don’t use processed sugar. However, to correctly manage your diabetes, ensure you eat in moderation so that it does not throw off normal range for random blood sugar.