I recently came across a photograph of the wonderfully ecclectic Agyness Deyn and I realised that she is often seen wearing a pair of flat brogues in a stunning shade of outrageous metallic silver which look so superb on her however, in reality lace up shoes might not look so perfect for us normal girls out there. Not just because we have our own fabulous bodies which perhaps may not be so slender and legs which go onto forever however I remember dressing for Fashion Week and I was having a debate between a pair of flat vintage brogues, a pair of brogues and a pair of tight Louboutin ankle boots. Yes, I sscrapped the laces and traded in for a pair of ankle boots because I felt more…’secure’ in knowing what I looked liked as opposed to minimising my legs to a flat surface. I’m 5’3 so I’m not too tall and flat brogues made me look a tad shorter than I normally do when I’m wearing a pair of flats or when I’m barefoot. There is something quite elfish and slender about these shoes which make legs appear chunkier and less petite. I am loving however, the amazing brogue heel shoes which are actually made as a high heel as opposed to a brogue with a heel. It is much more feminine and dresses up a cocktail dress or a tuxedo suit almost instantly. And yes, it does give us the extra height without making our legs look TOO chunky.