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    Some days ago I comments here. And today I am sending some comments here farther. After submit my comments some people send me mail for friendship. They send me mail and I reply them, some one repeat me mail and some one stop. I want to true foreign country like middle est, Europe, UK, USA, etc. I need help from others. So I want a dependable foreign friend who can help me. Never I want to help always from them ! I also want to help them if they need. If any one need to help I still to help them as social help, mental support, migration help, But I am not to help her because I am not financial solvent. Friend, Your can mail me tusharhasan51@yahoo.com

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    how are u today baby u are so sweet to me , I’ m fikky brown am frm west. Africa Ghana am 26 yrs old boy and i will like to u much more i don mine to be ur love friend am siingle am not yet married now so u can be with me OK. this is my personal mobile contact +233246881496 u can call me any time u are free to call and with my personal e-mail Id too fikkbrown@yahoo.com. Have a nice day and take care pls kindly get back to me today Asap. Bye…………………

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