The new Barbie Girl Katrina Kaif is riding high on success. This superstar looks glamorous and beautiful. These compliments are falling her way from the onlookers and the Bollywoodwala’s who are keeping a close watch on her every move.

Katrina is making two ends meet with, one being Barbie doll being the most styled and glamorous doll ever present and the other being her d’glam role with “Rajniti”. Both these are two ends and Katrina is perfectly balancing both these things. Katrina is always know for her glamour and the way she looks. Even tough in Rajniti she didn’t wear a make up her looks were the talk of the town. Onlookers were saying that if Katrina looks so beautiful without the make up then with make up on she would look like a goddess to die for.

However filmmakers who have worked with her say that she is a thorough professional. All those big Directors who have worked with her have gone ahead signing her for her other projects also. This itself is a clear indication that Katrina is not only at the top but also indicates that she is a thorough professional, that’s why directors tend to repeat her.

Ramesh Taurani the producer of Tips film adds, “It’s very difficult to find a dedicated actress than Katrina, She exactly knows what is expected from her and her hard work has in turn returned to her with the tag of “Goddess of luck” She was there with us for Race which became a hit and now we are repeating her for “Ajab Prem Ki Gajab Kahani” coz we know that she is the best and its always pleasure working with her. Director Rajkumar Santoshi further adds, “She is a big asset to the movie, her presence on the set itself makes everybody relaxed and even tough she is the no1 star she is hassle free.”

A source close to the unit of Rajniti says, “Prakash Jha is so impressed by Katrina’s work in the movie that he is talking and praising about her to everyone he meets.” The source further adds that Katrina would be seen in a no makeup look for her upcoming project Rajniti, Katrina is putting a lot of efforts for the movie an that itself speaks volumes for this professional freak. Katrina never made any fuss over she not being able to apply any make up.”

Ratan Jain the producer of “De Dana dan” is short of words praising this star. He says, “It’s a privilege to work with a star like Katrina, her presence on screen is surely very lucky. Most importantly he further adds, “The amount of energy she puts into each scene is impeccable and it’s very difficult to find such thorough professional like her.” -Sampurn Media