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Dear readers, i hope you’re enjoying specially these home girls. Hey, why don’t you send us your photos (some of our members have taken this statement wrong) and we publish them at To send us your submissions please use this contact form.

We only publish photos of sweet and sexy girls, so please send us,

  • 1. photos of your girl friend.
    2. Desi voyeur photos of girls (any photos that you made outside in market using your cellphone).
    3. Photos of your wife, neighbor girl, your class fellows or even female co-workers.
    4. Please don’t send ‘your’ photos. We don’t accept guys here. The only way you can get published is your photo with your girlfriend, only females or couple photos can be published.
    5. Images must be at least of 640×480 resolution. Anything more then that is preferred.
    6. Clear, neat clean high quality images only.
    7. Image description, when, where and who.
    8. Before submitting form, make sure you have clearly read our posting guidelines.


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