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Pune Girl Studies In The University Of Pune


Kashish belongs to Pune. Kashish is student of Computer Science in The University of Pune. University of Pune, one of the premier universities in India, is positioned in the North-western part of Pune city. It occupies an area of about 411 acres. It was established on 10th February, 1948. The University of Pune is situated amid clean and green surroundings which provide for a great environment conducive to learning. Students can actually hope to spend quiet and meditative moments in the peaceful blanket of greenery all over and around the campus. Pune, the educational and cultural capital of Maharashtra is blessed with great natural beauty and pleasant climate. It is located amidst small undulating hills coupled with meandering rivers and picturesque backwaters. Kashish more tells that Pune City is often referred as “The Oxford of the East” because of the numerous educational institutions throughout the area. The city is also called “The Detroit of India” due to the various manufacturing companies, particularly automobile companies based on the metropolitan area.

This Pune girl more writes in her email that apart from the educational institutes there are so many attractive places for visitors from all over India and overseas. In the end Kashish says that if you want to visit Pune October to March is the best months to come because the weather is at its finest. This is the peak season too as many travelers escape to the city. Summer season here is from April to July and the weather can be a bit unkind. The period of July to September is monsoon months and can produce high level of humidity.


Desi Girls

Riphah International University Student Sidra Shaheen


Sidra Shaheen is doing MBA from Riphah International University Islamabad. Riphah International University is a private institute observes the guidelines set by the Higher Education Commission and works within the framework of education policy and regulations formulated by the Federal Government from time to time. Sidra belongs to well rich business family. Sidra tells that it is last year of her studies. She says that in today’s world study is very important for every one of us. Particularly MBA degree can be very helpful for those who are planning to enter in any type of business field. She says that of course, probably the most important and most enduring benefit for all MBA graduates are the acquaintances found during the program. The deep relationships with other members of the MBA program had proven to be important business network to the life-time career of the graduate.

Sidra more tells that relationship building is very important to the MBA experience; few programs actually make a conscious effort to facilitate that process. That failure diminishes the value of services rendered to their MBA students, and accordingly leads to lower retention rates and a diminished sense of alumni loyalty and support once the students finish their programs. According to Sidra MBA also teaches us issues about how we can build up a successful portfolio of business knowledge and skills and network of colleagues and MBA alumni. Identification of business problems can be addressed and analyzed more consistently. Communication skills in individual and teamwork aspects can be strengthening in a long run. People management skills can be mastered as usually the person who deals with the customers mostly influences the business deal. In the end she tells that after the completion of her degree she would like to boost her family business. Well Sidra you are absolutely bright and brilliant student we wish you all the best about your degree and future.


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Manama Bahrain Girls photo


Friends this profile is of Shireen Bint Asad (in white scarf) and her two school friends. Shireen has sent her photo through email. She lives in Manama Bahrain. She tells that Manama is the capital city of the Kingdom of Bahrain and most expatriates live in and around the capital and work in one of the Kingdom’s main industries which are petroleum production and processing, IT, telecommunications, hospitality, medicine or banking. As a result of the popularity of the location, property for sale and rent in Manama is offered at a premium and those moving to work in Bahrain on a firm job offer should try and negotiate some money towards their housing as part of their overall remuneration package.

The purpose of sending her photo Shireen tells that in the school she has lot of friends but when at evening she comes online she feels lonely. She could not make any online friend hitherto. So through our site she delivers a message that if anyone interested to make sincere friendship with me then please feel free to contact through comments box.


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Jeddah Girls Studying In Effat University


Friends this profile is of three arab girls belonging to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Photo was sent by Hamna (standing right). She tells in her email that we are cousins and studying in Effat University Jeddah. Effat University is first female higher education institution based in Jeddah. Hamna more tells that Jeddah is an industrial and active commercial center, with modern features, squares and courtyards. It is an important tourism center, with an eighty kilometer long beautiful corniche on the Red Sea coast. Jeddah is the second largest city after Riyadh, it is the main port of the Kingdom on the Red Sea and main gate through which most of the pilgrims arrive by air and sea to perform Umrah, Haj or to visit the two holy mosques. Jeddah has a stunning cornice, with date palms, giant sculptures, and a beautiful view of the sea.

Well Hamna thank you so much for sharing your photo and feelings. We hope you will in touch future too.


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Arab girl Asia Bint Usman


Asia Bint Usman has sent her photo from Bahrain. Asia tells that the photo was taken in one of luxurious hotels in UK last month when she went there with her family on holidays. Asia tells that the most wonderful places I found there are UK hotels. She writes that during the visit we stayed in hotel York. Hotel York is luxury but cheap hotel. In hotel York you can experience luxury at a fraction of the cost of southern hotels. Being in the north of the UK means that hotels don’t tend to charge as much as down south, so you can stay in a luxury hotel for much less. This is why York is a popular destination for parties. Most hotels in London generally include breakfasts in their room tariffs. This breakfast can be quiet misleading. One should always enquire about what is to be served in breakfast. Some hotels serve full continental breakfast while others serve buffet breakfasts.

Asia more tells that one thing I noted in all Uk hotels is that every hotel has very polite staff which makes staying in a hotel such a joyous experience. If one needs some extra service then the staff is always ready to grant that and with a smile. Right from the time a guest steps in till the time he checks out, he is taken such good care that he automatically become a permanent customer of that hotel. Hotels in this way prove to be a very good ambassador for their country as well. Thank you so much Asia for sending your photo and sharing your sweet memories.


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Bachelor of Marine Engineering-NED University Girls


As we know Pakistan girls are so beautiful and lot of this blog readers belongs to Pakistan. So we definitely care them and in that scenario now we are posting a profile of Pakistani girl. Her name is Shehnaz. She is basically belongs to Karachi and she is undergoing bachelor of marine engineering course (Marine Engineering involves the design, construction, installation, operation and support of the systems and equipment which propel and control marine vehicles, and of the systems which make a vehicle or structure habitable for crew, passengers and cargo) from NED University of Engineering & Technology Karachi. Only one year is remaining to finish up her course.

Shehnaz says after one month I will again go abroad for enjoying vacations. I would like to work on board big volume ship and my long cherished dream is roaming around all over across the globe. my mind is broaden enough that you can compare with vast sea, when you will look towards the sea beach you will find all around there is existence of water. There is no scarcity of water drop. So I think, those who will be my friend, they will have very wonderful time along with me, they will get very good company. I am not forcing you, if your mind allows making friendship with me, it will be my pleasure. You can contact with me in comments box.


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Fozia Wahab from GC University Lahore


Fozia Wahab is a college student studying Industrial Bio Technology in GC University Lahore. GC University Lahore is a co-educational public university located on The Mall in Lahore, Pakistan. Although the college was granted the status of university by the Pakistan Government in 2002, the word college is still retained in the name for historical reasons and also because of the wide recognition of the name Government College in Pakistan. Fozia say’s that she is very talkative in nature and her friends love it. She never stops if she starts speaking.

Fozia has aim to become a famous architecture in Pakistan but she is studying Industrial Bio Technology. She says about her picture that this was captured by her friend during visit Bagh-e-Jinah (also known as Laurence Garden) last month. Gardening is her hobby and she feels happy and wants to enjoy the every bit of nature. Fozia says we ever wished to have a nice garden at home, but later realized it is impossible because you live in an apartment? Because creating a mini garden is easy. Maintaining them is a different story. Before creating a mini garden, think carefully whether you have the time and interest to maintain it. Be informed that your garden needs to be watered on daily basis and tiny weeds needs to be pulled out every once in a while. You will need to fertilize your plants about once a month.

Fozia is here to make some decent educated online friends. If you think that you are capable them simply make a comment.


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Fashion Designer Faiza Khan


Faiza Khan has decided that she wants to become a fashion designer rather than use her law degree. She manages to join a co-operative and get started as a seamstress on local commissions whilst she plans her future, but she is also struggling to decide how to be a modern young woman in Pakistan.

Faiza Khan’s friend has gone to Austria and doesn’t look like returning soon. She has a dalliance in an online chat room and an interesting encounter with a young (and rather arrogant) religious teacher. She says that she is here to make some online friends having same interests. Her beautiful face with nice color combination of clothes makes superb special effects and surely readers will enjoy that. Make spicy comments in bucket and subscribe to follow the post.