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Relationship Guru Derrick Jaxn Addresses Pastor John Gray Hypocrisy Amid Cheating Scandal, John Responds (Video)

Since web-based media’s relationship master Derrick Jaxn’s conjugal life was busted totally open after an uncover by blogger Tasha K, Derrick is holding the way to his room open by being straightforward with his supporters about his betrayal in his marriage.

Subsequent to telling the truth and copping to undermining his better half Da’Naia Jackson in a refreshed location, the couple followed up by going live to address any extra inquiries regarding their relationship.

At first, Derrick denied taking part in sexual action with different ladies while tending to the charges on Sunday night, yet in an updates video with spouse Da’Naia close by him, Derrick confessed to having intercourse with different ladies.

He clarified, “I need to be clear i’m not discussing just nonchalantly kicking it, perhaps a lunch or something to that effect. I’m discussing as genuine as sex, sexual tease, and meeting up and those kind of things.”

Relationship Expert” Derrick Jaxn Confesses To Cheating On Wife, Twitter Explodes

Regarded relationship master/confidence minister/YouTuber Derrick Jaxn is up to speed in a conning outrage that spilled onto web-based media.

For quite a long time, he’s enchanted his run of a million+ devotees with ‘hero’ relationship viewpoints up to this point when a lady named Candice De Medeiros guaranteed they had an unsanctioned romance.

Jaxn disclosed to De Medeiros that he was isolated from his significant other which, obviously, wasn’t correct. De Medeiros, who lives in Orlando, said she went to his home in Atlanta, Georgia, and saw moving boxes which further persuade that he and his better half were isolating. It wasn’t until he disclosed to her they could just impart on Snap chat that she became dubious and beginning posing more enquiries about his marriage.

A couple of days after the fact, she understood she was impeded on all web-based media stages. Normally, Jaxn applauded back with his very own video denying the tricking tales that he later conceded are valid in another video close by his better half Da’Naia Jackson. In the pretentious video, he admitted to cheating with different ladies some of the time while talking in third-individual and surprisingly advanced one of his books.

“Derrick Jaxn was engaged with different ladies outside the marriage… I’m discussing as genuine as sex to sexual tease and meeting up and that sort of thing,” he conceded.

Vlogger Hood Evangelist

Derrick Jaxn called himself uncovering Pastor John Gray for undermining his significant other. Unfortunately I’m mistaken for this master relationship mentor. How is it possible that Derrick would Jaxn Talks about how to cherish a lady at that point abuses his own? How might he tattle in his vehicle about Pastor John Gray Cheating on his better half at that point pivot to do likewise? Derrick Jaxn even distributed a book named a conning man’s heart so whatever floats their boat since this hot kid just got busted by Tasha K and Hood Evangelist.


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Lebanese Singer Elissa Khoury Pictures

Born to a Lebanese father Zakaria Khoury and a Syrian mother Youmna Saud, Elissa Khoury (إليسار زكريا خوري) was raised in the The Bekaa valley in Lebanon. She earned a degree in Political Science from the Lebanese University. She is a Maronite Catholic. Elissa’s father, Zakaria Khoury, who studied and taught Arabic literature, died of cancer in 2004. She has 3 brothers and 2 sisters. Her brother Kamel Khoury is a DJ. Her sister Norma is married and lives in Canada, her two other brothers are Ghassan and Jehad.

Famous for her passionate style of music and unique vocal capabilities, Elissa is often referred to as the “Queen Of Romance” and “Queen Of Feelings”. Elissa was the first Lebanese musician to win the World Music Award in 2005, 2006 and 2010 for best selling albums in the Middle East (Wikipedia).



Iraj Manzoor Famous Pakistani Model


With an extraordinary photogenic face and a body to die for, the dusky beauty from Karachi is currently a hot favorite of all the top fashion glossies and a must in all the good fashion shows. Her great walk and an hour glass figure allow her to transform and fit each designer’s personality. Iraj has a prestigious Head and Shoulders advertisement under her belt, where she was selected from a large number of hopefuls.
Streamlined five foot nine, she is one of the most sought-after models – in the business. Iraj is both well loved and well hated – in the modeling and fashion set. Those who don’t care much accuse her of being arrogant, difficult and snobbish. Those who do, say she’s sexy, sensuous and smart. And Iraj…..well, Iraj just likes to keep them all guessing.
When Iraj Manzoor saunters down the ramp no one looks bored. And neither does her. Iraj likes to get noticed; the appraisal is welcomed and almost demanded. She knows she has it. And expects everyone else to know it too. Iraj’s face has adorned the cover of nearly every fashion magazine in Pakistan.


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Michael Jackson Old Photos

These are old photos of Michael Jackson during the early stages of his career.















Michael Jackson


VH1gallery 300dpi hires

People Michael Jackson

People Michael Jackson

05_Flatbed_1 - JUNE











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Baby Bump


Heidi Klum showed off her barely there baby bump at Thursday’s “Star Trek” premiere. The supermodel said that this baby will be her last; she and husband Seal have three other children.



Kim Kardashan donned a blond Wig


Kim Kardashian donned a blond wig while shopping in New York City last weekend. The reality star liked her look so much that she told Us Magazine she might dye her hair this summer.



Megan Fox


Celebrity hairstyles were big last week … literally. Megan Fox stepped out in Santa Monica on Monday with lots of lightened locks.



FRESH FACE: Jon Foster


His Current Gig: Jon Foster plays Graham Sloan in The Informers, an adaptation of Bret Easton Ellis’ novel about debauchery among the young, rich and beautiful in early 1980s Los Angeles. It’s no shock that former Abercrombie and Fitch model Foster plays one of the “young and beautiful.”

You Know This Face Because: Foster was a scene-stealer as Kim Basinger’s underage conquest in The Door in the Floor and has appeared in the horror flick Stay Alive and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. He’s also little brother to actor Ben Foster of films including X-Men: The Last Stand and 30 Days of Night.

Why So Fresh? Foster didn’t rely on brotherly nepotism to attain his leading-man status. He worked his way up from bit parts (credits include “ampm cashier” in Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines) to meatier roles with industry veterans like Peter Saarsgard, Mickey Rourke and Jeff Bridges. The Informers reunites Foster with Basinger (who this time takes a turn as his mother) and plants him in the midst of a weighty ensemble including Billy Bob Thornton and Winona Ryder.

Something Smart He Said: On The Door in the Floor: “I was very, very lucky to have my first job be this one because it’s hard to be typecast in this kind of a movie. After something like this, you don’t really get chosen to do something like this again.”

Why We Love Him: Foster keeps it in the family. He shares an apartment with his brother and calls the elder Foster his “best friend and mentor.” Foster’s talent extends to the musical realm; he’s both a skilled drummer and guitar player, and the Boston-born, Iowa-bred actor also enjoys fixing up classic cars … you know, when he’s not busy becoming the next big thing.