Iraj Manzoor Famous Pakistani Model


With an extraordinary photogenic face and a body to die for, the dusky beauty from Karachi is currently a hot favorite of all the top fashion glossies and a must in all the good fashion shows. Her great walk and an hour glass figure allow her to transform and fit each designer’s personality. Iraj has a prestigious Head and Shoulders advertisement under her belt, where she was selected from a large number of hopefuls.
Streamlined five foot nine, she is one of the most sought-after models – in the business. Iraj is both well loved and well hated – in the modeling and fashion set. Those who don’t care much accuse her of being arrogant, difficult and snobbish. Those who do, say she’s sexy, sensuous and smart. And Iraj…..well, Iraj just likes to keep them all guessing.
When Iraj Manzoor saunters down the ramp no one looks bored. And neither does her. Iraj likes to get noticed; the appraisal is welcomed and almost demanded. She knows she has it. And expects everyone else to know it too. Iraj’s face has adorned the cover of nearly every fashion magazine in Pakistan.