Grassroot-Fund Is an End to All Fundraising Challenges

All you need is an efficient, worthwhile, and easy criterion or platform when fundraising. Many organizations, persons, companies, NGOs, and political parties have since time immemorial designed various ways to raise funds. The peer-to-peer method is among the most commonly used means of collecting fundraising. Though ineffective, P2P has been in operation for a long time, but fortunately, there is a new, effective, and easy way to fundraise. Grassroot-Fund has overturned everything in the fundraising world by providing the best way that helps the community and other various institutions and people to collect funds for the success of their missions.

If you value efficiency, innovation, and sense of community, then we have designed Grassroot-Fund for you. Grassroot-Fund has rendered all the fundraising activities and processes efficient, effective, and streamlined by opening the operations to a myriad of platforms and automatically integrating all the communications in the platforms in question hence instance donations.

We have grown this platform to best meet all your fundraising needs depending on your organization. You need to know that Grassroot-Fund is essential; it impacts and empowers your fundraising endeavors. It provides a dashboard that displays all the communication mediums. For instance, it interfaces and synchronizes all contacts from all media, there being CRM, Email, phone text, Facebook messenger, LinkedIn message, WhatsApp messenger, Instagram messenger, and snap chat message.

Grassroots-Fund is a web platform that automates the peer-to-peer fundraising process.

The unique components that Grassroot-Fund has and their functions include:

  • CRM component of Grassroot-Fund provides you with essential activities like the actual fundraising, credit card, and ACH processing and automated peer-to-peer fundraising.
  • Social Media Management Component eases your fundraising by allowing you to create several social profiles depending on the users that you want. It provides a way of automatically scheduling your content, conducting real-time analytics, and having scheduled social media posts. The Social Media Management Component is best for you since you can manage all the social media posts from one dashboard.
  • Marketing, Donors, and Donations Secured Component: This gives you the best avenue to easily reach the contacts and insights of your prospective company and its tasks.

For us to meet your needs at your different organizational capacities, Grassroot-Fund contains different tiers. The tiers include Essential, Impact, and Empower: in ascending order of their complexity. The tiers contain all the necessary components as above, but as their complexity increases, more components and features increase. You are at liberty to select any tier depending on the size of your organization, hence no excuse for not using the Grassroot-Fund platform.

How does Grassroot-Fund basically function?

  • It feels good for you to have all the contacts in a commonplace. Grassroot-Fund has taken a milestone in synchronizing all the contacts in your Emails, phone contact book, Facebook messenger, LinkedIn message, Instagram messenger, WhatsApp messenger, and snap chat message to one place without much effort.
  • What if you can send messages to all your contacts instantly with just a click. With Grassroot-Fund, you do not need to spend all night and day sending messages. You are to design a message and automatically send it the way you want.
  • It is an explosive reap of funds when you use Grassroot-Fund since you will reach many contacts at a time. You can also collect funds from all countries in their respective currencies.

Why end your vision and mission by lack of adequate funds? Choose to use Grassroot-Fund in fundraising to get many funds than you need.