Desi Girls,

Does the Culture of Pakistan interfere with love for women


Islamic culture, despite what you hear in Western media, treats women with love and respect. Most women want to be in this culture as they believe in the words of their holy book. I am not from an Arab culture but I have respect for their book.

In the whole world, women tend to me more open minded than man with dating guys from other races and cultures, I think the same is true in Pakistan, so if you are from outside this country you might even have a better chance, in my experience. I call this the ‘Hollywood effect’. Average guys get girls that look like models that is beautiful princesses that back home only music stars like or sports stars could get. Why? Pakistani girls like exotic foreigners.

The contrast here is the these same women that are traditional are very open minded towards new ideas and adventure. If you are their prince you they are ready to ride off into the sunset with you, where ever your heart leads you.

These beautiful lines sends us with her picture Sonum Iqbal from Sindh. She more writes about her purpose of sending picture is to make friends & looking for love.