Everything You Need to Know About Couples Therapy

Nowadays it’s been really hard or nearly impossible to build the healthy relationships and keep them happy. Every couple goes through highs and lows in their relationships and it takes a little effort from both partners to maintain a long run relationship.

Couples Therapy

Whether you and your life partner are trying to give time to each other, finding it difficult to communicate effectively, or dealing with something a little heavier, parterapi (also known as relationship therapy, relationship counseling, couples counseling, and couples therapy) is all about communication and understanding between couples.

Making the decision to go to couples counseling or parterapi can be a very big step. In other words it is admitting that things in a relationship are not perfect and it is often hard to admit.

Couples may need “counseling” to learn how to understand each other in more supportive and understanding ways. Relationship therapy or parterapi can help couples achieve a deeper understanding of each other and iron out differences.

Some of the major ways in which couples counseling can benefit your relationship is in the areas of;

  • Improved communication
  • Restore your emotional connection
  • Negotiating your commitments.

Throughout the couple therapy (parterapi) process, the therapist aim to help couple see the relationship in a more particular manner.  They learn to stop the “blame game”. They also change the way that the partners actually behave with each other.

Couples Therapy

Some partners avoid to share their private feelings put themselves at bigger risk of becoming apart. Instead of focusing on fighting less, when problem arise, don’t be afraid to communicate with your partner.

Here are the five main reasons when couples need therapy to save their relationship.

  1. Frequent Arguments.
  2. Trust has been broken.
  3. Poor Communication.
  4. Something you feel wrong but you don’t know the reason.
  5. Something you want to convey to your partner but you’re failed.

If you have all above issues, you must be in disaster; you should try to solve it at home. Have dinner together or go for outing and watch a movie. Try to discuss any issues you have before sex. Be honest with each other.

If you and your partner feel you would benefit from relationship counseling or you are eager to learn how to connect more deeply and emotionally, you may find that talking with a professional counselor, psychologist or therapist may be helpful. If your partner denied going to a couples therapy session with you, you may consider going to individual therapy to sort out issues and learn healthy stress management.



5 ways to save your relationship from breakup

Why divorce and couples break up is common nowadays? Why couples can’t live happily like we see in movies. If there is something wrong in relationship, and you don’t want breakup, then you need an expert advice. Communication is the key to a happy relationship. Many couples don’t talk each other about their issues and live like statues, they avoid to talk and in the end they breakup.

When your whole relationship becomes a nightmare, then you may need couples therapy because this way you can save your relationship.  May you are not agree with me but here are some guidelines that can help you:

  • Be yourself

For a successful relationship you must build up trust. Be yourself and don’t allow others to force you to change who you are. Stay true to your passion, dreams and goals.  When you got married, it does not mean you have to change your personality. The person who likes you just the way you are. If you try to be different, may he or she will end up resenting you, and ultimately it means breakup.


  • Romance

Your romantic attitude brings happiness in your life partner. So if you will show cold behavior in this type of beautiful relationship, no romance, no sex, it may lead to a breakup or couples counseling.  If you want strong relationship, then you cannot ignore sex with partner.

  • Be thankful

Being thankful to your partner is really an important factor and many people are ignoring it. That’s why they eventually end up with breakup or they need couples therapy to save their relationship. It is important to keep the flame burning.

  • Compromise

Every relationship works with compromises. They are part of successful relationship. It’s OK you may don’t need to agree with everything. While arguing with your partner control yourself and listen him or her to try to reach common ground.

  • Be honest

To take your relationship longer you must be honest with your partner. Rather than finding weaknesses in your partner, find yourself and asses your own. Communicate each other and tell the trust. Find good qualities in your partner and tell her/him to make a positive energy.

Family argument

Why Couples therapy

If you are still failed to manage your relationship and worried then you don’t waste time contact your nearest couple therapist.  Your coach can analyze the conflicts, advice and guide you a better relationship tips.

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