How to Get Back Natural Hair Color in Easy Steps

Applying color to hair is a new change. It also mandates you follow a new routine to care for and maintain entirely new color strands. You may soon stock up on many hair care products formulated for hair color treatment. Moreover, you may need root touch-ups and toning after every few weeks. Everything will become overwhelming very soon. Your lifestyle may need to simplify things at some point and switch to the natural hair color. In this situation, you may want to resolve an important question about how to get back natural hair color. For this, you should start from the basics followed by easy steps to get your natural hair color.

Let Your Dyed Hair Grow Out 

Before you should do anything, you should let your dyed hair to grow and let the hair roots to grow a few inches. Overlook all sorts of negative comments from your friends or anyone on Facebook and other social media platforms. Remember you need to do so to meet your gair goals. You will get worth of it very soon.

Permanent Hair Color Removal to Get Natural Hair Color 

how to get back natural hair color

Now another concern is how to get back natural hair color when one has a permanent hair color. One can try a few home-based color removers like in the case of semi-permanent hair colors. However, home-based products in the case of permanent hair color involve multiple risks. Hence, one should undergo treatment in a salon under the guidance of a professional colorist. Professional colorists will strip permanent hair color with the minimum possible damage. The color you try to strip will highlight the involved process. Hence, you must take their knowledge and expertise.

Many colorists involved in analyzing how to get back natural hair color apply ammonia-free procedures to remove loose pigments and provide chemically driven products into the hair cortex to remove any strong pigment. Stripping permanent hair color is a damaging and harsh process. If you bother about hair breakage and potential damage, discuss with your colorist to perform a test strand on the hair nape. The test will make sure of hair integrity and avoid any breakage. Ultimately, your professional colorist will strip your permanent hair color to adjust properly. Simultaneously, experts will preserve the strands to ensure that you end up getting an even color. 

Make Sure of Regular Trims 

Even though you should allow the growth of your dyed hair, never stick to only hair growth. Instead, contact your hair stylist to go for regular trims. Make sure to keep your hair fresh, particularly its over-processed ends. Doing so will give better look to your hair at the time of its transition. 

Use Root Concealers on Occasions 

You may sometimes choose to cover the hair roots while going through the transition process to your natural hair color. Here comes the role of root concealers, which are temporary but effective solutions. Besides, you may get hair root concealers in several shades, including the blonde and red shades. Moreover, you may get concealers in brown, black, brunette, and dark tones. A few brands even supply unicorn colors. Sticks, sprays, powders, and creams are few of the best root concealers available. You may use such products without any risk of damage. 

Apply Dye to Bleached Hair to Get Back the Natural Hair Color

Dye to Bleached Hair to Get Back

 Bleached hair refers to hair that has already lost color. You may not get your hair color back until and unless you apply dye to your hair again. Indeed, your bleached hair will last until you cut it off to up the bleached length or apply dye again. The steps to put color on your bleached hair involves simple and easy steps, which include the following- 

  •         Select the hair dye, which will repeat your original hair color
  •         Squeeze a small amount of dye in a container and mix it until and unless you get a smooth cream.
  •         Section your hair into different parts and brush out each part before you should apply hair color.
  •         Select one section of your hair and apply a small amount of hair dye. Once you cover each part, let it settle for approximately half an hour before rinsing it with cold water.
  •         Use dye only on your hair length and avoid touching the hair roots. You do not need to re-dye your hair all over. Hence, you may only use it where your natural color remains hidden below the bleach.
  •         Wash your hair with a normal shampoo and use the after-color treatment present in the kit. In this way, you may moisturize your hair for approximately 10 minutes after you use a color dye. 

Method to Get the Natural Blonde Hair Back 

If you are willing to get back your natural hair blonde, discuss with your hairdresser and identify the best products or methods based on your specific requirements. Everything depends solely on your existing hair shade and the story associated with your hair color. You only need to use a mild and home-based dye remover to striping away any unwanted color. Alternatively, your hair stylist/colorist will recommend you bleach your hair completely and tone it to the required shade or simply give you a few corrective highlights close to the color of your natural hair. Repeat the color service in many weeks or months depending on your looks or the condition of your hair.   

Natural Blonde Hair Back

Make sure to discuss with your hair colorist before you should try anything from dark red or any other bright hair color for blonding yourself. The reason is that you will find many chemicals involved in your selected coloring method. Furthermore, if you like to grow out the blonde hair color by cutting off its darker ends, look for the option of blonde roots and a reverse ombre of light from the dark. 

Method to Get Your Gray Hair Naturally 

You may get back your gray hair naturally by applying highlights. Moreover, you may blend your gray hair with lowlights, ditch hair dyes, and learn new hairstyles to conceal your gray hair. Here, you cannot choose for complete all-over re-dyeing, as it will give you lots of gray hair even in a few days. Hence, approach your professional hair colorist repeatedly. 


Overall, getting back your natural hair color depends on whether you have a temporary, permanent, or semi-permanent hair color on it. Besides, you should follow diverse methods to get your gray or blonde natural hair back safely and in less time.