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Ajanta is a Bengali escort girl and having sex with lot of men from all around the Bangladesh. She said; she also have clients from other countries when they arrive at five star hotels, and she take money in $$. She deals direct to the customer for sex and fun. Ajanta is not happy with her profession but her society and poverty have not other ways for her to earn respect for her family.

She also likes to have boy friend from Bangladesh who take care her send her red flowers, she feels the smell of friendship very deeply. She is still looking for friend, but only honest and who can understand her problems well, She said, she want to leave this escorts profession completely, she needs some one special help in it.

She have her mobile numbers for dhaka clients, we don’t want to publish this escort girl mobile numbers, you have only way to contact her via email or comments.

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    ajanta i understand ur situation and ur problems. i extend my hand for friendship for u only and want to be ur best friend. I take care u and help u to leave this profession,
    your friend

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    Ajanta i am a bengoli boy so i want to send this msg in bengoli, dkho somoy anujayi manush poristititir shikar hoy ja 2mio hoye6o r tomar mote eta vul mone hoche but eta vul na r jodio ba vul tobe tumi eta ekhon realise to korcho thats big thing. tar mane tumi sotti manush hoye6o. dkho bhul na korle kono kaj 100% ki na seta bojha jay na. kemon realise korle msg ta pore janabe. by

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    Hey This is ShakiL From Dhaka.
    I’m for all of you Beautiful Ladies.
    Do you Have Any Secret Desire on Up-Coming EID Day?
    I got some EID Special Package on Your Secret Desire.
    Ladies will get 1st Priority.

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    I am rasel from dhaka. I am 25 years. If any vabi or aunty want to sex with me please call me, it will be very secret secret and secret. I am committed. I have my own flat so no problem.
    call me at: 01674942364

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    amar jonmo hoyasa maya dar shate sex korar jonno. Tai r dari kano sex girl?
    pls call me:01557157152

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    hi m jichan. I like to make new friend 🙂 so if u r good girl. and like friendship not relationship than call / SMS me +8801739092701 . just good girl not bad girl 🙂 thank you 🙂

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    I am a hot sexy boy.
    i am a sex worker.
    any girl can cal me for sex paying money.
    My rate:1 shot 1 thousand taka.
    i work only in Dhaka.anywhere u can cal me.

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    I’m not professional bt i like to provide sex for ladies & girls.

    Next week i’m going to cox’s bazar. So i need girl friend. plz contact for ur booking…….


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    only girl & women can contact. those who are not satisfy in her sexual life. housewives or any lonely girl who want private sex with privacy..!! don’t hesitate to email. email address:

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