Desi Girls

Beautiful Chitrali girls are beauty of Pakistan

Famous Chitrali Dance (from Kelash Valley) presented at Media City, on 11 December 2006 – during the festivities of International Mountains Day in Isamabad

Rare opportunity seized by any tourist to see the colorful Kalash dance is that of a festival day. There are four main festivals of the Kalash people. The spring festival in May to safeguard the shepherds when they go out to pastures, the summer festival of harvest in August, the autumn festival in October to celebrate the grape and walnut harvest and the winter festival in December to welcome the New Year and purity the village.

Joshi or Chilimjusht (14th and 15th May): This festival is held in spring, when girls pick the first flower of the season. The days are marked by the dancing, visiting each other, exchanging flowers, milk and milk products.

Utchal (Mid-July): It is celebrated to mark the harvest of wheat and barley. The celebration lasts for two days with dancing, singing, and feasting being its main features.

Chowas: (18th to 21st December): Chowas is a winter festival celebrated to welcome the New Year. The entire population remains indoor. It is celebrated by feasting and merry making until the elders, who sit on a hill top, watching the sun reaching the orbit, then declare the advent of the New Year. They come down from the hills, light their torches, performs dances and sacrifice goats at later.

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