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young Chittagong girl

This Photo is one of the beautiful young and teen age girl from Chittagong, Bangladesh. This Chittagong girl having nice dress and smiling with her sister front of the camera, Actually she is ready to go to attend marriage ceremony at her relatives.

While Bangladesh is one of the most densely populated countries in the world, there is a great deal of diversity there, from the hand-painted rickshaws that dot the streets of Dhaka, to the longest beach in the world, seventy-five miles, in the southern-most part of Bangladesh at Chittagong, to the jungles which are still home to the Bengali tiger in the west, and the tea farms in the north, Bangladesh is the home to a friendly and hospitable people and a most interesting destination.

Summer Day in Bangladesh

Looking down to the ground to the sand beneath my feet, slowly meandering
strolling along
hot coals, on the Bengali beach;

sky reflects pools of water, liquid mirror,
dancers in the summer heat;
like an old song-
like an Indian drum beat,

liquid street-
calling gentle,
rolling, lapping waves;

little daughter,
skin little polished golden jade, friendly waves
greet the land,
outstretched rolling hands;

Little sunburnt boy-
skin dark and weathered tan, jumps up and down,
cool wet sand;

No one knows
so many people here, at the beach today; lining up

white foaming surf, Bangladesh, spring/summer waves

Cox’s Bazaar-
as you can possibly see with your naked eyes

Bangladesh sun orange,
like a burning summer fruit,
burning like smoldering fire
like a Chinese dragon’s last goodbyes;

Bengali girl
reaches down to pick up a shell with her tender hand

try to understand
the unfolding drama
in Bangladesh’s pulsing, throbbing river-land;

Music, with sincerity, passion, simplicity;

love like an innocent flower;
tragedy, fate, hate, hoping;

looking out over the ocean, Dhaka drama
never ending perpetual burning,
swirling motion;

Sylhet tea pickers-
end of the day, backs bent over,
dead tired;

Sun hot on the back sack-
of tea-charcoal black;

long days-
tired, hoping for rest, Bengali poetic chatter-
smiling, laughing, half-bearded faces;

waves drawing traces
in summer’s burning sand, Bangladesh calls,
summer’s plan gradually unfolds.

End of poem

This poem was written by John Scott, who teaches science in Newark, NJ. The poem can be found in the book Dawn of a New Discovery and Beyond the Horizon.

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