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Cute Girl from National College of Arts


We have our second contribution from National College of Arts, Lahore. Tamkeen has a shy but caring nature. She is studying Miniature. (The word miniature, derived from the Latin minium, red lead, is a picture in an ancient or medieval illuminated manuscript; the simple decoration of the early codices having been miniated or delineated with that pigment).
The Mughal tradition in painting has inter- meshed with the Pahari School, the latter being a sort of patrimony of the Lahore Museum and the College after the masterpieces from the Punjab Hill States came into the Permanent Collection of the Museum early in this century. The skill and traditional techniques of Miniature painting are extensively taught and students are encouraged to incorporate an awareness of the contemporary values of this medium. From how to prepare wasli, traditional paper, they learn how to prepare their brushes.

Tamkeen is a traditional Punjabi Kuri, shy but lively. Your comments to this post will make her great.

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