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Desi Indian girls likes Rickshaw riding

Rickshaw is an affordable and comfortable ride of desi culture in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Sri lanka also having rickshaws for public routs.

Rickshaw girls are our today’s topic since we have receive a very sexy Indian girls photo from one of them. I am posting that hot pic here before you give the comments you have to know about the importance of rickshaw and some background of it.
I know this is hot desi girls website not technical type, but for your knowledge and telling about why these hot Indian girls likes to ride on Rickshaw. Mostly in these countries (Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and India) desi girls always prefer to use Rickshaws for ride in offices and bazaars.


The motor- (sometimes auto-) rickshaw was invented by the Reverend Jonathan Scobie, an American Baptist minister living in Yokohama, Japan.
The three-wheel-design of a rickshaw provides it a better road grip than a bicycle. It also provides gasoline savings when compared with a 4-wheeler taxi and green salad saving when compared with a 4-legged horse. When in need of repairs, the three-wheel structure also helps in lifting it from any side. When a side is lifted, it conveniently sits down on the other two while a mechanic goes looking for underbelly mechanical faults. A rickshaw is a perfect example of a compact automobile design.

Anyway the history was so long I have just share some important elements. So mainly lets enjoy hot Desi Indian girls.

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