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When I read so many articles about friendship and dating with Pakistani girls I become tired

little bit., I always saw stylish women, their hair the black of a lion’s mane, frozen as if

the wind had come and left it that way. Pakistan finds itself at a precarious tipping point:

Government gains have been made in girls education in past 10 years, but a considerable

gender gap still remains.

There are no exact updates for how many girls are given away from school education or basic

health facilities every year in Pakistan. Human Rights activists say most problems go

unreported in the conservative urban communities. In Pakistan, girls live under the unwanted

or surprised conditions. In our modern society all the activities, restrictions and rules are

for the urban areas girls. Every girl in the family and outside try to enforce its authority

over the society improvement. Girl play role of daughter, sister, wife, mom, and aunty and

yet she is considered inferior and her role is always downplayed.

So how do stupid people say on internet that Pakistani girls are very modern and everyone can

easily get a date or friendship with Pakistani girls through mobile phone by exchanging their

mobile numbers,. Only few elite class girls from Lahore and Karachi are doing so.

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