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Doha Girl Doing Job In Life Insurance Company

Abia Abdul Haseeb is our beautiful friend from Doha. This well educated and intelligent Doha girl is doing job in a life insurance company. Abia tells that she joined this job six months ago after completion of graduation. She more tells that before joining this job she didn’t know much about life insurance. But now she is aware the importance of life insurance in life of everyone. Abia says that life insurance is essential for everyone as it provides a sum of money in the event of death or total permanent disability where you are not able to work anymore. It is a policy between you as the policy owner and the insurance company. When you purchase a life insurance policy, you will have to fill in your beneficiary’s name. If death case happens to you, the sum insured will be given to your beneficiary. You are allowed to put a few beneficiaries for your policy as well as the percentage of sum insured for each of them. In the case of total permanent disability, the sum insured will be given to you. Bear in mind that, only death caused by illnesses or accidents will be covered in the policy. You will not be able to claim for the insurance if you commit suicide.

In the end Abia says that life insurance is a must for everyone as you might not be able to predict what will happen in the future. This is much more important if you have a family. Think of your beloved ones. If anything happens to you, at least you have some money for your family. Well Abia thank you so much for providing really useful information. Please keep in touch with us.

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