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Arjomand is our regular reader and belong to UK (United Kingdom). She writes that “I am a type of babe who don’t want crowded I prefer to stay in a quiet place but when I am in a party mood I enjoy being around with lots party peeps. And If you were just a stranger on the street and happened to notice me walking by you’d see that I am the type of girl who keeps to herself and quickly walks past groups of people without making any eye contact what so ever. This doesn’t mean I hate everyone or that I am a loner. It simply means that I am a little shy sometimes and I don’t know what to make of some people.

Yes I like to make friends but who appreciate my feelings. If you interested and want to make friendship with me write in comments bucket and wait for my response.

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    This is Imran Naqi..
    i myself is living in karachi DHA am a banker and 29 years old, am really reserved… v can b frndz but first we shd talk on email if things will be well between us then i ll give you my cell 🙂
    take care…
    Regards, Imran

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    I am from Karachi but visit UK , I want a real friend in UK..My cell in PAKISTAN is 00923312889736.I am honest and trustable.

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