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Cute desi girl Graduation Ceremony


Ghazala recently celebrated her graduation and what a graduation ceremony it was! She is very happy to become a excellent graduate. Graduation is the more common word for what is known technically in the University’s Charter & Statutes as ‘conferment’ of degrees. Students who have successfully completed their studies and who are having their awards conferred at a ceremony are known as ‘graduands’. Following their conferment at the ceremony they leave as ‘graduates’.

The most important part of graduation ceremony for her was to deliver a graduation ceremony speech. Public speaking is fun and is also a nightmare. For some people, that is. I enjoy public speaking and I like it when nobody is yawning, and I found humor to be very effective in preventing an audience from yawning. But the problem is, not everybody can pull off with humor when you are speaking on stage. You are nervous, and the joke don’t just seem right. But trust me, if you can pull off one, then it will release the tension from you. And if you can laugh with the crowd, then the crowd is yours.

Since coming up with new jokes is not easy, Ghazala found that telling anecdotes from her past experience, specially where she was laughing at herself, seem to strike the chord more effectively.

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