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Multan in Urdu: is ملتان, in Punjabi is: ملتان، ਮੁਲਤਾਨ is a metropolis in the Punjab Province of Pakistan and it is the capital of Multan District.

Located in the south of Multan Province, the city itself is the sixth most heavily populated within the geographic boundaries of Pakistan. It is found on the east bank of the Chenab River, and almost 1000km from Karachi.

Called ‘the City of the Saints’ Multan is chock-full of bazaars, towering pinnacled mosques, holy shrines and awesomely designed tombs. A network of trains, autoways and air transport has connected Multan to the world. The city is renowned for its’ kind and hospitable residents.

Multan was developed east of the Chenab river about 966 km from Karachi and Multan, is known as the ‘city of enriched with bazaars, mosques, shrines and beautifully designed tombs.

It is just one and a half miles from the Multan airport and the hotel features airport shuttle, audio visual equipment as well as high speed internet access.

Multan is also an important example of old Islamic urbanization. While many historic Islamic centers have lost the greatness of their original character during the twentieth century, Multan has fortunately survived intact, retaining the classic form of a medieval city encircled by rampart and gateways.


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