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Hilary Duff: Happy to Have Her Man Back

Hilary Duff

Doing her best to keep fit and fine, Hilary Duff was spotted paying a visit to the gym in Los Angeles, California on Thursday (May 7).

The workout session followed a red carpet appearance the previous night – as Hil strutted her stuff at Live! on Sunset before joining up with boyfriend Mike Comrie.

Speaking of Miss Duff’s hockey star beau, she told E! News, “He plays hockey in Ottawa, so he’s in town for the summer…so he’s gotta show up for all my stuff now since I’m constantly going to visit him. He’s a good sport about all of it, and he’s great. I’m happy to have him back!”

Explaining how the pair make their relationship work when separated, she tells, “We iChat a lot…iChat’s great! We text message, call. I go visit as much as I can. But we’re in a very comfortable place, so it’s not nerve-racking. We both want it to work and care enough about it, so it finds a way to work itself out.”

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