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The tale of Arab girl that grew up in America, usually a first generation where her family pride themselves on hard work, pursuit of Happiness, large families, and respectable daughters. Thus, you know there is the family pressure is entirely on the female, while the boys of the family are released into the wilderness. She is attractive, natural conservative and sometimes occasionally politically liberal. She likes to always remind you that she was raised on the same values her cousins in the old country are raised with. She likes to say “From the way we raised, you think we were living in Amman” She might wear the Hijab, but not always. She rolls her eyes when she sees what she calls a slutty Arab chick and loves to rant about it afterward. Also by saying “Ana Bint Arab” she kind of tell you to come to her home and talk to the “boss”, if you are interested. Online dating and friendship is not permitted–at least officially, she is a virgin, a real one. She is attractive and she is authority on the stuff she is interested in. But on most subjects she goes along to get along.

Hot Saudi Arab Girl

Hot Saudi Arab Girl

Wafa’s Dream Job is, University professor for teaching Arabic. And She is doing hard working with her other friends to complete her wish. She is one of the hot arab girl from KSA. Her friends from Qatar pics are below.

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