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What the fuss is all about? Every second person who have mobile in Pakistan is suffering from some kind of interruption from the wrong callers. Majority is of guys searching for girl’s mobile numbers. When they are asked, they reply that they only need to talk and sms and wants a sms friendship. What the heck is this !

Here in there there are many incidences occurring, here I am sharing one of mine.

Some time before this incident happened to me, I have a lot of friends, all are fond of forwarding nice messages and blurbs. I always contact my closed ones by typing their numbers instead of selecting from the contact book. So one day I sent my sms to a wrong number, here all fuss get started.

The wrong number was of some girl, she called me and inquired about me, who are you and here I got her number. In reply I simply told the truth, but she was’nt not ready to belive it, and abused me. I was only dump folded listening and adding some new bad sounded words in my dictionary.

Later on this all continues as she was not ready to believe and I was stuck to the truth. The gave me all references about her brother and uncles in ISI, Army, and his bro in some telecoms franchise ready to block my sim, but then a sudden stoppage in her sms came and I enjoyed my relief. My mind was totally out of her existence. Then after two weeks she become alive and started the sms convoy with a different tone altogether. She mentioned that she liked my voice, teased me and asked AM i burger type boy? or a normal junk. In short I was not ready for this all type of questions. She was also eager to talk with me on phone, which I accepted in order to tell her the consequences and what I planned for her.

I told her clearly that if again you disturbed me, Ill kick your number out and submit to spam authority of respective mobile company. So Did I, because she was not ready to agree.

In short, not only boys certain type of girls are practicing this habit at large. Don’t know how they are affording such a big risk.

Please share your similar experiences with us, to aware people about the righteous act to adopt at such instances.

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