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How can you get a girlfriend in Bangladesh

A 25 years nice guy from Bangladesh was worried about girlfriend. He was not able to find any girlfriend who meet him or love him. Later he have put his problem on internet and finally he got a best solution.
A Bengali girl Aysha helps him to find a girlfriend, She told him how he can get a girlfriend from his city Dhaka.
She said, why don’t try talking to a girl at your job, school, or your sister friends. have a simple conversation as in where are they from, favorite color, what are her interest, what are her goals in life, and so on…and if you notice that you have similar interest with her let her know..start by being a friend to the girl and if you really like her let her know and ask her out. If she is willing to be friend then you win. Otherwise do not think like looser, and keep finding and one day you will have nice girl friend from Bangladesh.



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    really so sad with my life…..need a good friend who can share mu good n bad times with me…………hope i’ll find someone………

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    good luck

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