How do you know me?

The other day, I was at the mall with my mother, and she saw this lady that she knew. Obviously, my mom introduced me to her. The lady said, “you are Mona from University right?” Mystified, I said, “ah, yah I was?” She said, “so you do know Xxxx Xxxx? Right?” I raised an eye brow, and said, “aah.. yah.. from a long time ago.” She said, “well now she is in Xxx country, and has two kids.” I almost rolled my eyes in utter disgust from the same old stories of this and that got married, and reproducing like rabbits before the age of 25, and then I said, “aha.. ok???”


First off, I have never met this lady ever in my life, and my mom recently knew her, and the lady’s daughters are much younger than me. So there was no way her daughters would know anything about me or even my name. And the girl she was talking about, that is my age, I stopped talking to her when I was 20! I was friends with her, but I didn’t like how her brothers acted and were always there surrounding her like tigers. So, why was I known then amongst the masses, even till now?

Oh I forgot, I live in mini village London, where the exponentially growing Arab population here live a life of six two degrees of separation. Once you know one, everyone else knows you!

I feel like I am in highschool all over again. People knew me and my entire life, and I had no idea who they were.

If I lived in an Arab country, I wouldn’t have to experience such a thing. Why Arabs abroad feel obligated that they MUST know everyone in their city? Even Arabs in nearby cities? Who they are/were friends with? Where they buy their shoes from?

My mom yesterday said something interesting, which I couldn’t agree more. She said, “Arabs are great, but they have one bad trait. Most of the time, they are spiteful towards each other.”

I wonder what will happen if all Arabs in this great town of mine knew my website. I swear, I will start getting hate messages through Facebook or email. Thank God I don’t add many people to my personal Facebook account, or use it much, or even put anything on Facebook that causes any form of controversy. Well, the only controversy that my Facebook profile would ever have, is that I said I am politically VERY Liberal, and I am single. Now that’s GOSSIP!

** By the way, for those of you who live in London, Canada, I apologize. London is not a mini village or town, but a great city populated with about 400,000 people. However, why does it feel like I have to say “Howdy Y’all!!” all the time?

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