Mujra dance is vary famous in Pakistan and India due to its fantasy steps of waving women body in air with hot and sexy styles. Nargis and Anjuman are hot mujra actresses of Pakistan that performing their dances mostly at stage drama
shows that are held in local theaters and than later released on video tapes and also publish on Internet video streaming websites. My interest in mujra dances is certainly not without some sexual interests, but to me, seen a actual steps of mujra is far more interesting and giving you entertainment than looking at softcore or striptease dance. Although, I agree, if you do a search for mujra dance of ht Desi babes on the Internet, you’re going to find a lot of stuff out there that is nothing more than local party girls dance. But a real fantastic mujra, with its special traditional features, is surely different from that local stupid stuff.


The reality of mujra dancers is a far cry from its fanciful interpretations with several mujra dancers turning to flesh trade in a bid for survival after the Indo-Pak kings passed into the pages of history.

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Bollywood and Lollywood actresses are world famous for their hot mujra presentation in their movies. Normally every Indian or Pakistani movie at least contain one hot mujra song which is presented in wet dress or in rain some times it happens in a closed room with a gathering of too many people who are encourage mujra dancer by showering currency notes on the dancer.

These mujra dances are presented in mostly Punjabi language but some songs are in Hindi and Urdu language too. Punjabi mujra songs are more hot and attractive than other language songs, because its the pure product or service of Punjab.