Glorious Humma belongs to Islamabad and wants to make some connections especially students from anywhere in the world. Humma loves student age, she is a teacher in Federal Girls High School Islamabad.

She wants to share some information about teen-age children life on In life, people fall in love at many stages. It is very possible for every person no matter their age to feel or fall in love. However, there is a certain stage in life where we reach and everyone seems to want love. I’m talking about the teenage years and love. When a teenager falls in love, it is referred to as teenage love. Teens are very volatile people and this is pretty understandable. It is the first time in life to feel the urge to love the opposite sex. This is on the onset of their physical growth. Their hormones are usually referred to as running wild and this is very much the case. Teenage is a confusing place to be because you are not old enough to be called mature and you are not too young to be called a child. This is the time where most youth act out and when it comes to the matters of the heart, a lot of them fall in love. Teenage love has sometimes been referred to as not being real love. Instead, experts say that a lot of feelings that teens have for the opposite sex is mainly infatuation. This is a form of lust that passes with time.

However, love being hard to define, it is vital that all cases be looked at differently. It is during this stage that many teens make the worse mistakes of their lives but, this is usually not the case in other situations. Sexually, teens what to experience and explore first hand, the kind of emotions that are associated with love. It is therefore paramount to understand exactly what they are going through before you are quick to give them advice. What you think please share your comments in bucket.