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Jennifer Aniston: Radiant in Red


Looking every bit the definition of radiant in red, Jennifer Aniston was spotted out on the set of “The Baster” in New York City on Tuesday (April 28).

The former “Friends” beauty wore sandals to go with her bright red dress, grabbing a snack before switching into heels and shooting her scenes.

In related news, rumors keep coming forth regarding Jen’s breakup with Brad Pitt, despite the fact that it’s ancient history.

A blogger now claims that Aniston’s ex-hubby had been with current partner, Angelina Jolie, for “at least 18 months before he and Jennifer split.”

“Jennifer knew about it and didn’t do anything to interfere,” a source claims. “One night she caught Brad and Angie having phone sex and she completely ignored it. She knew they were having an affair. It was the perfect escape for her.”

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