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Mumbai Girl Geeta’s Holidays In Thailand Resorts


Geeta is from Mumbai, Geeta visited Thailand more then thrice. This photo is taken at her first tour to Thailand. She loves life there, beautiful resorts with so much peace. Thailand – the perfect blend of inimitable views, stunning climate, pristine sandy beaches, excellent cuisine, lush dense and incredible foliage, and rare flora and fauna, has gradually evolved as a popular tourist destination over the years. Subsequently, there is also a considerable rise in the number of luxury villas across the length and breadth of Thailand. These villas have successfully become the best available alternative to any hotel or resort accommodation, since they generally offer facilities of exceptional quality.

If you’re looking for peace and quiet, you’ll find plenty of it in Thailand. That is the big attraction here. Small Islands are the ideal place to chill out, meditate, detox and to do some serious reading. Scattered around the islands, there are number of small resorts and bungalow rentals including the absolutely delightful. They essentially consist of a resort’s superior room inventory.

Geeta would like to meet people those have same interests and want to share their traveling experience.

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