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Online Software Engineering Student Effat


Effat is doing online specialization in software engineering. Effat has sent her photo through email. Effat thinks that online studies are very easy and you can earn any kind of degree online you want. Effat writes in email that through online studies you can find a program that will allow you to take as much time as you want in order to obtain your degree. Many people don’t have the time to attend full time studies at a university, but online studies can allow you from six to ten years to complete a degree. You can complete a study in shorter amounts of time. You can study as hard as your school will allow you and, many times, this will allow you to complete a degree much faster than you could while attending traditional schools.

Effat more tells that you can study any program you want. Instead of looking at the courses offered in your area and choosing one that will work for you and your schedule, you can choose what you want to study. You can find a variety of online studies from schools all over the world. You can also study while traveling. Never again will you have to worry about not being able to go on that much needed vacation or missing a class here and there. As long as you have a laptop and an internet connection at your destination, you won’t miss a thing. In the end Effat tells that you can transfer credits. If you started school a long time ago and never finished, you may be able to get some credit for the courses you have already completed.

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    hi hw r u?wna tke da moment to say u realy cute….mail me so we cud hav a chat n gt to knw each other,im from south africa im a business analyst

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    u r so butifull n nice and decent girl,
    i wana friend ship with u.
    i m bilal from lahore ( pakistan )
    sms me or call me at , 0092.300.4006301.
    mail me at,
    i m business man. plz send me mail i m waiting. oh and u must be send me ur cell number,

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    i want to study online please tell me about your university where your software engereeing is going on ?????????

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    Hi friends
    How are you today? I am MOHAMMAD MUJAHID HOSSAIN from the District of Narsingdi in Bangladesh.

    I am a very poor person. In Bangladesh Non-Government School Teacher is very poor. If you are not believe this you can take news from anywhere about my country’s teacher’s situation. I have not any extra income. So I could not take care my family very well. Have any friend rich man in my own country or in foreign country who can help me by donate money to my local Bank Account in Bangladesh or send money via Western Union or any how without any condition? You can also help me by send any kind of Visa for me of your own country’s for create my good life and take care my family very well. If you anybody help me I will pray to Allah for you. If you anybody (who are foreigner) are want to send money to me you will must be convert your own country’s currency to my Bangladeshi currency Taka before transaction. Otherwise I could not pick up your donated money. Because Bangladesh Government are not allowed any foreign currency in a local Bank Account in Bangladesh without Taka. One Dollar is equal 69.65 Taka in our country. Remember my friend I am very poor. So I can’t pay any transaction fee to any body/anywhere. If you want to donate money you will be pay transaction fee. If you are my own country’s(Bangladeshi) you can pay money directly to my Bank Account if you want. You rich man are waste of money how many way! From there you can donate me some of money if you want. So you will not loss any money. Donated money is not losses. Please be friend forever by help me anyhow. But please you are not cheat with me by pretext of donation. With a poor man cheating is not well. It will be satire with me as a poor. I am waiting for response from any friend who can help me anyhow. Please don’t cheat with me by seeing me hope. Urgent mail me to my mail address or call me to my mobile number who are really want to help me on the name of Allah. If you have cheating mind you are no need mail or call to me. You can also send me your donated money to my local bank account by bank draft or telegraphic transfer. Thanks. May Allah bless you everybody. Here is my details profile:

    My full Postal Address is: MOHAMMAD MUJAHID HOSSAIN(JAMAN), Father’s Name: MOHAMMAD CHAN MIAH(KERANI), Village: Hajipur(Majipara), Ward No.#02, House No.#582, Post Office: Narsingdi, Postal Code: 1600, Upazila: Narsingdi Sadar, District: Narsingdi, Division: Dhaka, Country: Bangladesh. My others details information is: Mobile Phone: +8801716993827, Nationality: Bangladeshi, Occupation: Teacher of a local Non-Government High School in Bangladesh, My Job’s Address: Assistant Teacher, Khainkot High School, Post Office: Kondarpara, Upazila: Shibpur, District: Narsingdi, Division: Dhaka, Country: Bangladesh. Date of Bath: 01/12/1977, Age: 33, Sex: Male, My Bank Account Name: MOHAMMAD MUJAHID HOSSAIN, My Bank Account Number: T-148, My Bank Account Type: Savings, Bank Name: AGRANI BANK LIMITED, Branch: Station Road, Narsingdi, Post Office: Narsingdi, Postal Code : 1600, Upazila : Narsingdi Sadar, District: Narsingdi, Country : Bangladesh, Country Of Residence: Bangladesh. E-mail:

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    effat are you agree with me for friendship . i am from pakistan . i am student of MCS online study

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    hi am ary i whant girlfrinde from iran
    i know english an kurdish
    am from —-iraq—-kurdistan—-arbil (hawler)

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    salam man mohamad hastam

    kheili etefaghi aks shoma ra didam

    man modire yek restorane bozorg dar tehanam

    khoshal misham ba shoma shna sham

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