Shilpa Shetty wont marry this October

This week there has being lots of speculation in tinsel town, for example Shilpa Shetty to marry her boy friend Raj Kundra in October but its not true as the marriage date is on the cards but not this October.

We spoke to Shilpa Shetty’s close source,

“It’s wrong news that she is getting married this October with Raj Kundra. She is busy with the IPL and latter on with her films and her production house. She had told the media that she is planning to get married after October and media just made this news about her marriage.”

To make it clear Shilpa Shetty clears her stand about her marriage,

“I got to know that I was getting married this October from the media. Just to clear the record in an interview that I did in London, I just said that I am looking forward to getting married sometime after October and haven’t thought of a month or a date.

I will be more than happy to make an official announcement the day we are ready for marriage but for now the congratulatory calls can be kept on hold.”



makeup_trends_2008I am not usually one to suddenly wake up and think “I am going to paint my lips a hot fuschia and wear purple mascara because I want to channel the 80’s look today!” but I was browsing online before and have noticed a little make up trend which some of you lovely readers might be interested in (as in doing or just reading about). It seems as though that fluro-retro-electro stage has finally passed (thank goodness) but this trend seems to be popping up in the fabulous world of make up especially when it comes to the eyes. I have to say that I’d rather neon or fluro highlighter shades on my shoes and definitely not on my jewellery, thankyou very much and yet this doesn’t seem to be the case when it comes to eye makeup which is as loud and proud as a big yellow school bus. So, what do you think? Yay or nay?


Connection between height and fashion.

I recently came across a photograph of the wonderfully ecclectic Agyness Deyn and I realised that she is often seen wearing a pair of flat brogues in a stunning shade of outrageous metallic silver which look so superb on her however, in reality lace up shoes might not look so perfect for us normal girls out there. Not just because we have our own fabulous bodies which perhaps may not be so slender and legs which go onto forever however I remember dressing for Fashion Week and I was having a debate between a pair of flat vintage brogues, a pair of brogues and a pair of tight Louboutin ankle boots. Yes, I sscrapped the laces and traded in for a pair of ankle boots because I felt more…’secure’ in knowing what I looked liked as opposed to minimising my legs to a flat surface. I’m 5’3 so I’m not too tall and flat brogues made me look a tad shorter than I normally do when I’m wearing a pair of flats or when I’m barefoot. There is something quite elfish and slender about these shoes which make legs appear chunkier and less petite. I am loving however, the amazing brogue heel shoes which are actually made as a high heel as opposed to a brogue with a heel. It is much more feminine and dresses up a cocktail dress or a tuxedo suit almost instantly. And yes, it does give us the extra height without making our legs look TOO chunky.



Jessica Alba is back to being a blonde.


Jessica Alba is back to being a blonde. Although the actress lightened her hair for both “Fantastic Four” and “Sin City” (the sequel is due out in 2010), this latest change is reportedly for her new thriller “The Killer Inside Me.”


Miss USA 2009


Rachel Philippona, Miss Alabama USA 2009, competes for the title of Miss USA 2009 during the 58th annual Miss USA competition.


Arabic Girls

Nancy Ajram


Nancy Ajram is a famous sexy arab singer
Nancy Ajram was only eight when she started her journey singing the good oldies with her grandmother. She carried on with successful participation in children’s contests in two local television stations, TL and LBC. Nancy made her first debut as a star when she appeared on Future Television. It was in a contest called “Noujoum Al Moustakbal” (meaning: Stars of the future). Every man, woman and child in the arab world recognizes those beautiful eyes and sings along with the latest hit “Akhasmak Ah”.

Sexy Nancy Ajram launched her first album called “Mehtagalak” (meaning: I’m in need of you), then “Sheel Eyounak Anni” (meaning: Take your eyes away from me).


School Girls

Aasia, Nosheen, Farah, Kanwal, Noreen The Islamabad Girls


Aasia, Nosheen, Farah, Kanwal, Noreen and her friends, looks like the best and sweetest girls I’ve seen in a gathering.  We have 6 more pictures of these girls, you will love!


Desi Girls

Tania Zohaib From Murree


Dear friends today we are introducing Tania Zohaib to you. Tania is student of 3rd year and lives in Murree. The reason of sending her photo she tells that she wants to discuss a matter with our readers. Tania asks that “when a person falls in love, what is the best way to tell his lover that he loves him..?? Tania has ask this question to our readers and wants to read reply and discussions in our comments box.

Well Tania thank you very much for sending us really beautiful snap. You have asked a wonderful question and we sure that you will find soon hundreds of ideas on the matter. The first idea from is that you can describe your feeling by giving a beautiful bouquet or romantic gift on a first date will leave a lasting impression. Many believe this custom is old fashioned but the gesture is the perfect basis with which to start a new romance. Whether it is your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife or someone new in your life, an unexpected romantic gift and flowers will make their day a special one.