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Pakistani School Teacher Tahreem Mirza


As we also know that teaching is considered to be the most respectable profession for the women of Pakistan. Nowadays teaching is becoming more challenging job especially in schools and colleges. Despite the fact that in this era of internet, where every student can easily get information through net, the importance of teachers cannot be denied. The only need is to trained teachers with more advance skills and they should learn how to teach students by using modern techniques. She is visit once in a week, she told us, its her hobby to serf sites like

Various research studies have indicated the psycho-social problems of the students, teachers, planners and managers working in the public and private sector of education in Pakistan. Teacher is considered the most central source in putting all the educational reforms into practice at all levels. In Pakistan teachers’ access to their democratic rights seems to be denied or not practiced properly according to the Policy Document of Pakistan which guarantees the realization of their democratic rights. Tahreem Mirza is a teacher in girl’s primary school in Rawalpindi Pakistan. She told us that she is attending seminars and doing advance courses to enlighten her knowledge in the field of teaching. Tahreem says teaching is a very decent profession and a holy job. It uplifts and brings up the individuals as a responsible nation.

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