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Riphah International University Student Sidra Shaheen


Sidra Shaheen is doing MBA from Riphah International University Islamabad. Riphah International University is a private institute observes the guidelines set by the Higher Education Commission and works within the framework of education policy and regulations formulated by the Federal Government from time to time. Sidra belongs to well rich business family. Sidra tells that it is last year of her studies. She says that in today’s world study is very important for every one of us. Particularly MBA degree can be very helpful for those who are planning to enter in any type of business field. She says that of course, probably the most important and most enduring benefit for all MBA graduates are the acquaintances found during the program. The deep relationships with other members of the MBA program had proven to be important business network to the life-time career of the graduate.

Sidra more tells that relationship building is very important to the MBA experience; few programs actually make a conscious effort to facilitate that process. That failure diminishes the value of services rendered to their MBA students, and accordingly leads to lower retention rates and a diminished sense of alumni loyalty and support once the students finish their programs. According to Sidra MBA also teaches us issues about how we can build up a successful portfolio of business knowledge and skills and network of colleagues and MBA alumni. Identification of business problems can be addressed and analyzed more consistently. Communication skills in individual and teamwork aspects can be strengthening in a long run. People management skills can be mastered as usually the person who deals with the customers mostly influences the business deal. In the end she tells that after the completion of her degree she would like to boost her family business. Well Sidra you are absolutely bright and brilliant student we wish you all the best about your degree and future.

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