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Santa is beautiful Bengali girl who is studying in Bangladesh Agricultural University, Mymensingh 2202. She is hot and modern girl who have faith on love and believe on true friendship. She is smart girl in any manner, in friendship, in studies or in cell phone friends. She having already a good boy friend but she wrote us she is not interested with him any more. She have submitted her two nice photos for gixmi to make more online friends. She like online dating concept and want to talk to you guys who are looking for Bangladeshi hot girls. Santa may be a perfect match for you. You can contact to santa on her email “” we having her mobile number, but due to some restrictions we can not reveal that mobile number. May you can ask us for her mobile number via email.

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    hello, i m a decent, rich n educated boy..I want housewives or any lonely girl who want private sex with privacy..!! U will find a quality man inside me n everything will be between me n u coz everybody has some,all r welcome n dont hesitate to email me..!!Cell Num-01712-062328 N 01813-353567.

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    Hi, I am Jaman From Narsingdi, Bangladesh. I want to fuck a Bangladeshi call girl. If any girl who is call girl in Bangladesh is interested to do sex with me.please call me and contact with me. I will pay you, your fee after fuck. my contact No. 01716993827.

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    hello dear,
    how r u,,?
    i am an Looking for Friendship.
    you like so cute…………you are interset u give missed call to me my mobile number: 8010364118

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    Nice jokes to all.. I’m in a problem. I can’t stay anymore without girl. So some1 help me..

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    Hi……………. I am Sporso. Ami free sex korte cai. Tobe jar sathe sex korbo takeo sundori hote hobe. Tai j kono sundori may call korte paro..01754137739 ai number a.

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    Hey girls, I want girls not only friendship but also marriage. But it needs a mental satisfaction. If I think she is eligible for me then I will marry her. Physical beauty is not a very important matter But it is important that whether she has a good mind or not. Many girls like me. But I don’t like them. Because they are not fit with me. There are unparallelled problems such as physical, mental, regional, educational etc. But I am hopeful that I will get a right one. I define myself I am not so good looking. But I can say I have an honest mind. Girls who have similar like me they call me to this number:=>01913230550

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    Hi my dear all frind in bangladesh.ame sultan of oman muscut city ta thake but now ame mymensingh,ame 1 jon balo grildfrind chai so pls call me.01743236561.

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    I’m a just sympole girl i like sex talking with phone in boy friends.who want to sex with me.please 1 missed call me then i call’s my personal contact numbers:+8801821709144

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    I am munna, I want just girl friend. Je amake care korbe, love dibe so amake phone korbe sudhu je amake valobaste chay….. 01719025066

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    needs young girl for love,friendship and sex……friends in need friends indeed…..01711666989

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    This is Engr. Masud. live in Dhaka. Looking Housewife for real sex relation. if any one interested to me pls mail me. after mail communication then I will give u my cell no. mail id

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    আমি ইমতিয়াজ আমার একজন মেয়ে বন্ধু দরকার আমাকে কল করুন 01910950460

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