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Shanti is an ex pat living in Seattle, Washington. Shanti is graduating from a Seattle College USA.
She is a greet full pretty girl, and married to a South Indian software engineer.
They are living a fun life, in evenings Shanti visits The Space Needle, dating from the Century 21 Exposition (1962), is Seattle’s most recognizable landmark, having been featured in the logo of the television show Frasier and the backgrounds of the television series Grey’s Anatomy and iCarly, and films such as Sleepless in Seattle.
Last week Shanti visited the Smith Tower, its the tallest building on the West Coast from its completion in 1914 until the Space Needle overtook it in 1962. The late 1980s saw the construction of Seattle’s two tallest skyscrapers: the 76 story Columbia Center (completed 1985) is the tallest building in the Pacific Northwest and the fourth tallest building west of the Mississippi River; the Washington Mutual Tower (completed 1988) is Seattle’s second tallest building.

She Like to read gixmi daily. she is pretty Indian girl. like to discuss on sex issues. you can contact her via below feedback form.

These photo of her are taken during her visit to Loghouse Museum.

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    Hi Shanti,

    Was just checking in if we could be a good friend to discuss the issues.

    Let me know if you are also thinking in same way.

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