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Smart Highly educated girl from Islamabad


Isma Bakhtiar is a smart highly educated girl from Islamabad. She completed her masters from London School of Economics. Isma says she was born in Faisalabad, studied in Lahore and London, settled in Islamabad and doing job in Karachi! WOW! What a mix!

Isma Bakhtiar is a Hedge Funds Manager in a reputable financial institution. She manages Hedge Funds and keep them liquid.
A hedge fund is an investment fund open to a limited range of investors that is permitted by regulators to undertake a wider range of investment and trading activities than other investment funds and pays a performance fee to its investment manager. Each fund has its own strategy which determines the type of investments and the methods of investment it undertakes. Hedge funds, as a class, invest in a broad range of investments including shares, debt and commodities.

Hedge funds are typically open only to a limited range of professional or wealthy investors. This provides them with an exemption in many jurisdictions from regulations governing short selling, derivative contracts, leverage, fee structures and the liquidity of interests in the fund. A hedge fund will typically commit itself to a particular investment strategy, investment types and leverage levels via statements in its offering documentation, thereby giving investors some indication of the nature of the fund.

Isma is looking for sincere friends, actually she is somehow disappointed of her current social circle.

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    Salaam 2 all of u …..

    If u want 2 get a Reall GuD friend so Don’t Miss ur Prayers….


    PLZ PLZ PLZ Pray 4 all Muslims And 4 ur own sealf and 4 ur realitives and Friends ANd A8 last 4 ME PLZ…..
    GOD Bless u 4 all Muslims

  6. 6

    Hi Isma,I don’t know word to wish to u,you are so beautiful and your are like my dreem quine.Are you marride, I don’t know but I pray to God for a good husband with you.Only I want to friendship with you.If you agree

  7. 7

    hi isma salam 2u and 2ur family also i am from azadkashmir but now living in dubai i am also looking 4 good faithful andsincere friend as wel as u isma i am very impress from u and from ur education u rso beautiful u r a sample of naturel beauty i dont want waist my time here ihope that i wil get good friend like u if u r agree to become my friend plz contect with me my id is and my phone 00971559263785 i hope u will give me positive reply with best wishes GOD bless u

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