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Desi Bengali Girl

Desi girls are always hot in their look and style, As desi Bengali girls has been nominated purely desi women on earth by desi lovers. Indian and Pakistani girls are also have desi look and are similar like Bengali girls or vice versa.

Bangladesh is an emerging country where desi girls do not have jobs and can not go live with boyfriends due to cultural and social barriers. Bangladesh have its own culture and values and people like to live in this pure desi culture. But it has been observed in such kind of societies girls have more desire to have boyfriends and have secret relationships.

This is happening in similar cultures of Pakistan and India too. Desi girls are always hot and desiring to have relationship. Many desi girls been caught by families and then lived life like hell or did suicide attempt due to failure in love or restrictions from parents.

Such kinds of problems are relevant to Bangladeshi society and culture, now It’s time to understand desires of Desi Bengali girls. And its Bengali parents duty they talk to their daughters and should try to solve her problems.

We have such beautiful and hot Desi Bengali girls photos collection, would like to share some for you, you may can find them as friend and make Bengali girlfriend.

Lets meet Zeenat from Khulna, She is looking for boyfriend, must doing a job and have handsome face.

Desi Bengali Girls

This another Bangladeshi beauty Fariha Tasnim from Chittagong. She is looking for job in Dhaka, Bangladesh.  If you are interested in her and want to help her you can contact her and remember that always give respect to desi girls.

Chittagong Girls

There are more chances for you to get good response. You might get a chance to have your first date with her in Chittagong.

Lets meet this another beauty of Dhaka. Her name is Momina Khatun from Dhaka, Bangladesh. She is living with parents in Dhaka housing society. Her parents are already looking groom for her as her age is almost 26 years. And In Bangladesh this age is red sign for any girl marriage.

Dhaka Girl

You must admit that Bangladeshi girls are really hot and beautiful and last thing I just forgot to mention, these girls are really shy. Just try to have relationship with any of them. Don’t forget to write your experience below in comments box. Good luck!.


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Mobile Number of Bangladeshi Girls


These numbers are collected from Internet:

All numbers are Bangladeshi school and college girls, also House wife aunty.

Shaila Eamen(fb id)+8801671839171

Toma Khulna—- 01918377062, 01710-850562, 01918-788411

(Pream korar kotha bolla hoba na valo friendship korta hoba tarpor ja khusi korta paro no problem)

01923351003 disah

01913147784 ——- Eva 01922315265

Tumpa (inter) 01722894178

Sonia : wants taka.01197211136…

Tamanna (VNS) 01913005566

Anika 01724858673

shopna (inter) 01911171296 ( shobar logeiii kotha koy )

Nipa* 01716705840 ( ugro mijaj)

Mou* 01925978841 ( eidaroo ugro mijaj)

Labonno Prova 01926197167 (aunty)

ononna : (khati mal) 01922315265 (collected by member)

Odora : (norom body ) 01914044611

Mishu : kijee chai nejeyoo bhuji na..bal 01923471605

popi 🙁 voice ta bhaloii ) 01915692533

Nabila:(class10) 01914365030 (chetano nished)

sonia: (mised kol diben khali)01712114572

nam jani na but kothay ostad 01926197167

new aunty: 01918398945

Wants something :01671048068

sanjida : (kol dhorte 1 tu deri kore.karon gan set korse to honay)01914777523


Chandana:prothom 1tu rag dekhabee: 01737195125

Meye r Dalal Suplie dei:01723604510

sonia:only phone sex kore:01929691736