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Samina Enjoying Holidays In Dubai


This profile is of Samina Ahmed. Samina basically belongs to Pakistan but has sent her photo from Dubai. Samina belongs to business family Samina writes in her email that she has come Dubai on holidays. And she is really enjoying the wonderful attraction of Dubai. Samina tells that it would be true to say that Dubai is quite possibly, the richest and the most luxurious holiday destination in the world. Grown virtually out of a desert, this oil rich state has created some of the modern world’s architectural wonders. Dubai attracts people from around the world to see this unique state and its synthetic structures. With sky scraper hotels being erected across the coast and even in the sea, Dubai is unlike any other destination bringing so much diversity to one place. With Jumeirah beach being the most popular for sun worshippers, luxurious hotels dominate the coast line offering the infamous and only seven star hotel in the world; the Burj al Arab. The Burj al Arab stands on its own island off the coast and offers contemporary accommodation, sumptuous menu’s and service like no other. If you can tear yourself away from your room, jump in a taxi or chauffer driven Rolls Royce if you’re staying in the Burj al Arab and head over to Dubai city. The city offers the fantastic, traditional souk where you can find many bargains, restaurants and hotel bars where you can relax after a hard days sunbathing, Mosques where you can sense the strict Muslim orthodox, where the people come everyday to prey.

In the end Samina shares that she loves shopping and Duabi is a virtual paradise for shoppers. The scope and scale of malls in this tiny state is astounding. Check out the Dubai Mall – the world’s largest mall – for a never ending shopping spree. If you are looking to buy high end fashion brands, jewelry, or niche luxury items, this is the place to go.