Indian Girls

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Indian married girls and aunties are loyal? This question is doubt-able since we are getting news from Delhi and other major cities of India about mobile relations. Aunties and newly married girls are not happy with their husbands?

I think before talking on it, we have to see how much girls are satisfied after their marriage. Getting marry and having love and sex is easy. but taking care of husband and being honest with him and being loyal is not so easy as girls think. Indian girls never think about their husbands after 5 years marriage relation, after that they always think about others even their university/college fellows and also their neighbors for secret relationship.

Actually since mobile came to the world, Indian aunties and newly married girls are also using mobile for their secret relations and they are very successful with it. Indian husbands who do not give proper time and attention to their wives and girls they are unlucky actually because their aunties has been interested in others.

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